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i was expecting it to be this great wonderful day, but boy was i in for a big surprise.
Today, a day of wonderful surprises, or so i thought. Today i woke up thinking about my wonderful boyfriend like always but today was diffrent, today was supose to be this magical wonderful day for us, today was our seven month anniversary. I was in the best mood ever. I got up and got on the bus happy as could be, and i sat with one of my very good friends that hapens to be a guy, well my boyfriend ask me who im sitting with on the bus and so i tell him my best friend, Lantz. Well he gets mad, i never really understood why, so i let that go hoping for the rest of the day to go as planned. So the day went on. When we got to our third class, mine was Biology and his was Theater, well then is when it really started to go down hill. He has Theater with Lantz, well for some odd reason he has it stuck in his head that Lantz is "flawless" which i really dont understand for the simple fact that he is a cheater, a liar, and gay. Well, we started fussing about that because he was getting upset because he thought that Lantz is "flawless". When third period got over i went to my locker waiting for him, he gets there and the first thing that he does is gets an additude with me. So after we get done fussing at our locker we go to our next and last class was computers which we had together and luckily we sit next to each other in the back of the class in the cornner by ourselves. When we got in there he wouldnt talk to me hardly, so i ask him whats going on with the whole lantz situation, and then like we finally start talking about it and when it comes down to it it turns out that he is jelous because me and lantz are so close. Well i ask him what he expects me to do about it and he say's nothing. So i start crying and go to the bathrom caues im a very emotional person. and when i come back we start fussing agian and things just goes down hill and i told him how i felt about the situation he starts to get more mad. I figure that it our anniversary and it should be about us not Lantz and how close of friends we are. I mean com e on thats all me and Lantz have ever been is just friends. So whats the big deal./ I just think that my wonderful day just got ruined.

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