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About my past dog Bear.
I was 9 years old when we found Bear.I went to go water my moms plants when i saw him.He was black,big,and very thin.I held out my hand so he could get to know me.He walked up to me and started to lick me.I went back in and got bowl of table scraps to feed him.When I  came back and set them down he looked at me and I would've sworn that he smiled at me as if to say thank you so much and then started eating.He was the best dog we ever had until one day we got two cats.We left them outside with Bear thinking it would be OK since he was a very  friendly dog but we came back out to find that he had already killed and devoured both of them.My mom was furious and locked Bear in the pen.I begged her to take him out but she would'nt.We ran out of dog food and I told my mom we needed some more for Bear but she never would get anymore.All i could do was sit there and watch him starve.One day my dad told me that he was going to take bear out of the pen and let him go.He said it was because he did'nt want me to find Bear dead and I knew he was just doing it for me but i cried all day long.The next day we went outside to say goodbye to Bear everbody went inside except for me.He was walking away when he stopped,turned, came bact to me,licked me and looked at me like he was saying it's going to be OK,dont worry about me.Then he walked off.Sometimes i'll go outside and sit down in his favorite spot and just look up at the sky and sometimes I see his face looking at me the same way he did that first day. I love you Bear and I miss you so much.
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