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Observation on life
                  I met an old man today, who had served in Korea, and Vietnam
            and was at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. He is a ninety-yea- old
            Chinese American. He is a practicing pathologist at the V.A. hospital.
            He lives in York, Maine .and has four children, who are all doctors and
            have given him grandchildren. I was honored to have met such a good man.
                  He had just returned from China Town in Boston, his favorite place
            to eat. He said, that he had KKK and skinheads as patients. Despite
            all the prejudice he had endured he brought these hateful men back to
            good health. I was stunned. My mother had always taught me to never
            forget the Holocaust. How so many good people turned away the Jews.
            This man fought for his country when hateful men attacked him in his
            own hometown.

                He tells his patients not to take medications. That not all medications
            are good. He helped a NAZI Skin Head to recover from drug addiction;
            but, refuses to bye Japanese cars. "We must put our country first!"
            he said, "Everything we need is here." I nodded in agreement.
            When everywhere is darkness, this man showed me light. It was the
            greatest Christmas present I've ever had.

          I hope Joshua (Jesus) is smiling.
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