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Man is always in search of love, God is Love
         It took me many years to learn what was missing in my life, I would always search for things to fill the hole. I would always attempt to fill the hole with work, alcohol, and my family. I'm not saying family is not important, family is important. It took me 35 years to figure out that this hole can only be filled by God. I like to call it our God hole. It is that place deep inside of our hearts that we believe will be filled by our princes or prince in shining armor. We grow up with the television and popular fads telling us what to use to fill this hole with but never can reach the point of satisfaction. Man was made to seek after true love.

         We find our first love and place those feelings and emotions in that place and it works for a while but humans will fail us and they will let us down. So we try to find someone else and that may work for a while but we are always trying to keep that hole full by adding more and more to it. Some of us will use drugs or expensive toys. Some of us will go shopping and buy expensive things. We have to keep up with the most popular clothing, sunglasses, and cars but at the end of the day not matter what have use to fill this hole we are alone. The stuff is just stuff and our relationships are lacking. Lacking in that one thing that will fill that hole-God.

         Once we let God into our lives he fills that hole and that emptiness is gone. God will enrich our relationships and keep that hole filled. God will give us that kind of love we were built to seek after. God will teach us how to love and what it means to be loved. John 3:16 says that God so loved the world (you) that he sent His on and only Son to die on the cross so we may have everlasting life, with Him. Is that not the greatest kind of love, someone who would lay down His life so that you may live. In closing man needs love; God is love; so man needs God. My life was not complete until I found the love that God had waiting for me. I was a workaholic and an alcoholic and could never fill that hole. I expected my wife to fill that hole and she expected the same from me. We let each other down, we are human. It wasn't until we made Jesus our Lord and Savior that we learned no matter what happens God will always be there to love us. He will never forget or forsake you. Without Jesus we will never be complete. God Bless.

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