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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #1732870
When it comes to Rylee, Jake never knows whats real or fake.
He finishes the last job of the night, he is tired and that sick to his stomach feeling is already setting in. He pulls over on the side of the road and lets it all out. He begins talking to himself.

<Jorge/Jake> I cant do this shit anymore, I don’t have the stomach for it

<Jake/Jorge> You never did, Look at you on the side of the road, puking your guts out talking to yourself pathetic.

<Jorge/Jake> I know im sorry I don’t have a Jake attitude all the time. Im sorry! I cant be a complete asshole.

<Jake/Jorge> I know I know and then you wonder why Danielle still calls you a runt, you wonder why she’s telling you to take it easy on the jobs, you wonder why we haven’t been getting more than 3 a night. You haven’t been the same since the Diamond incident, let it go!!!!!! I did, it was her own doing and her own fault let it go Jorge!!!!!.

<Jorge/Jake> You know for you being a complete asshole you make some sense sometimes.

<Jake/Jorge> Of course I make sense .I am you , you created me remember , you needed someone to take the shit that you cant

Jorge looks down at his watch its 8:30 PM, He gathers all his thoughts and gets back into character Jake has a promise to keep and he is already running late. Jake and Jorge always keep promises Jorge hates to lie and he will go out of his way to make a lie a truth. 4 years ago he made a promise to a dying woman and he is bound by honor to keep it even if he hates the asshole that he has to see to do it. Jake turns on the car and begins his drive to the house if he knows Anthony well, and he does, he knows that the party is already in full swing. Jake looks at his review mirror and begins talking to himself again.

<Jake/Jorge> You know I hate this shit right. You know I hate this asshole. I also hate your stupid promises because im bound by the same rules that you create. I must admit though I do love Cali, she’s the one thing that makes me not feel like a complete asshole besides you.

<Jorge/Jake> Haha! would you look at that Jake has feelings.

<Jake/Jorge> Shut the fuck up .. Now let me do what I do best we are here.

Jake arrives at the Mansion at 9:30. Just like Jake thought the party is already in full swing you can already hear the music from the gate. The guard stops Jake at the gate .. Jake hates bouncers and guards, he sees them as insecure bastards that think a little power grants them the right to be assholes .

<Guard> Name?
<Jake> Jake!
<Guard> Jake what

The guard begins to get an attitude
<Jake> Just Jake

<Guard> Listen here asshole I need a last name in order for me to see if your in the list if I don’t get a last name your not getting in.

<Jake> Is that right .. Let me ask you something did you even look to see if there was a Jake , no you didn’t!! Granted I understand that its hard for someone of your intelligence to see or read a piece of paper with your head so far up your ass.. But if you value your Job your going to do me a favor and take your fat ass finger, go down the list and see if there is a just a Jake. Ok!

The Guard hesitates for a moment he hears a transmission come in on the radio.

<Voice over radio> Let him in .. That’s Jake you idiot, he is on the list under Jake no last name no nothing Just Jake.

Jake smirks

<Guard> Im sorry sir, go right in .

<Jake> Asshole.

Jake takes the 10 minute drive up to the driveway parks and gives the valet his keys. He Pauses at the door takes a deep breath, calms his heart down, puts on the infamous Jake smile and goes in. The smell of booze, cheap perfume , and cigars hits him like a punch to the gut, the place looks like a rap video, You have strippers to the left hookers to the right and customers in the center, the whole Dirty Stylezz Crew lined up on the stairs. Jake signals to the Dj and the music stops.

<Jake> Ladies! Gentleman, My DS crew, My loyal customers, and all of those that do what we do.. Welcome I would say sorry for being late but im not late Im just making an entrance so , lets party like theres no tomorrow and make sure you keep enough energy, because for the next 4 days this is where my favorite 3 things happen , You will have FEED, have FUN, and FUCK … So without further procrastination, let the masturbation, fornication and penetration begin.

The crowd goes wild and the music resumes. Jake hates that speech he changes it each year but its basically the same thing over and over again eat fight and fuck. Jake is just happy that this is his last year, He never stays for the 4 days Jake shows up the 29th of December keeps his promise leaves and comes back the 31st of December right before midnight for his New Year speech.

<Jake> Last time, last time and your promise is done, Fake it till you make it.

Jake meets and greets his costumers, some new people, and makes his way to the stairs to greet his extended family. The only one that’s missing is Eric, Eric that rat bastard Jake has unfinished business with him but that one comes later.

<Jake> Well well , look at these fuckers hows everyone doing.
The first one to greet Jake is Terry, Terry is new but has great potential Jake tried to teach him certain things but hes still young cares more about numbers than quality. Terry Takes any job even men.

<Terry> Well well if it isn’t Mr. Thundercock himself how you doing Jake, haven’t seen you in months then again I have been busy heard you took a vacation for awhile. Hey im sorry to hear about diamond.

<Jake> Terry whats going on you sick fucker , don’t hate the thundercock , good to see you man. Yeah Diamond , me too im sorry for what happened to her.

Danielle and V are next

<Danielle> Well!!! Well!! If it isn’t the runt of the litter, how you been Jake? What!! the runt gets a few hits here and there becomes the center of attention and all of a sudden forgets the woman that gave him his shot. Don’t forget Jakey I let you stay. No matter how good you get I know who you are and my diagnosis of you still stands. You are too much of a nice guy to be doing this job. Don’t get me wrong I love the money you pull in, but I hope that before this old woman dies, I get to see you retire from this life, Got it runt!

<Jake> Mrs. Stylezz , are you ever going to stop calling me a runt I think I have proved myself haven’t I? Im ok Danielle and if im not I will be I always am. I know you’re the one that gave me my shot so technically your to blame for me being the slut that I am.

<Danielle> Easy there runt.. First of you’re a whore you get paid to get laid. A slut just gets fucked and passed around so never forget that your better than a slut. Second I didn’t make you . My Veronica took care of that I just gave you the opportunity to let all that hate out. Runt I mean it I want to see you retire before I die, I love you too much kid to see you become a heartless bastard like me.

<Jake> Thank you Danielle I hope im done before that too.. Whats going Baron, Wally, Jonathan, Oscar, Gary, Lloyd, Manny, Carl and of course my teacher my best friend the one the only. V.

<Veronica> Please Jake!!! you out of everyone here you should know that your charms don’t work on me. I taught you how to talk, how to walk and fuck. So… don’t bullshit me.. are you staying? or you came just for him? .

< Jake> You know the answer to that. Where is he?

<Veronica> Upstairs .. You know him always checking the cameras being paranoid, he still believes that Her lawyer is going to come up and take all his money away , he will make an appearance but probably not until your gone. Besides he cant wait to see you. aren’t you two done tonight that was it 4 years in accordance to her will he gets everything tonight and you . You are done with him tonight.

<Jake> Yeah tonight is the night V, I just feel bad for Cali the kid deserves better than what she has . I still don’t understand why she set it up this way did she knew Anthony was going to neglect her and be an asshole I don’t get it why 4 yrs why me?

<Veronica> I don’t know Jake, You out everyone should know that ….

<Jake> Don’t mention her name..Please..

<Veronica> Sorry Jake, I forgot that she’s taboo , You still want her to be a dream right you relive the times you were with her.

<Jake> I got it V. Besides Jen, She has been the only one that Jorge really cared for and the only one that I miss and cared for as well she was the real dream, and I want to keep her that way.

Jake heads to the study, he gets a box out of his jacket opens it up looks at the locket and opens it up it’s a picture of Her, Him and Cali the only picture that exists of the 3 together. Anthony was an asshole and didn’t even show up to the kids birth. Jake closes the box.

<Jake/Jorge> I hope she likes it

<Jorge/Jake> She will! If she’s anything like her mom she appreciates the little things not the monetary value of them.

<Jake> Yeah

Jake enters the study its dark and the smell of cheap cigars already reaches Jakes nostrils. Jake knows hes there he just doesn’t know where . The monitors provide a lil bit of light, Anthony has cameras everywhere he can see everything the outside , inside the party, even Cali’s room. Good shes still awake he thinks to himself he hates to wake her. Anthony steps out of the shadows.

<Anthony> procrastination, masturbation, fornication and penetration you really have a way with words don’t you Jake.

<Jake> Yeah You taking notes for next year .. I see you still have a taste for the dramatics, nice setting.

Anthony was Jake’s first protégé the first one that was suppose to take on the Jake mantle when Jake almost retired after the diamond incident. He cracked under the pressure. Anthony is the only one of the Dirty Stylezz escorts that uses his real name, the thought of him having an alter ego is something he cant handle his mind is to fragile he cant separate the two egos and Jake’s ego is to much for him to handle Jakes mantle and title comes with too much responsibilities and expectations. Jake thought him everything he knew for two years. The first time Anthony tried to do a job as Jake the client called him a poser and told him that the real Jake was better. Anthony couldn’t take the rejection and turned on his teacher, Anthony hates Jake as much as Eric does and just like Eric, Anthony’s goal is to see Jake break down and fail.

<Anthony> Jack and coke right Jake!

<Jake> You tell me Anthony! You were me before you should know what I like or don’t like. Besides you and I both know that we are not friends and we are not here for drinks.

<Anthony> Of course! Jake always straight to business right?

<Jake> Always!

<Anthony> You know I never knew why …

<Jake> Don’t mention her name!!!!

<Anthony> Right!!! Still hurts huh.. I never knew why she didn’t end up with you I guess that’s proves that the student was better than the teacher.

<Jake> Think whatever you want to think… I don’t know why she did it maybe it was because her and I were so alike. ill never know. hell I don’t even know why I have to be here every year for 4 years but I made a promise so I will keep it ..

<Anthony> I know and I let you just because if you don’t complete your promise I cant complete mine and that means I lose all of this the money the house Sorry Jake I cant lose that not when im so close to it all being mine. In accordance to her will though tonight is the last night. After tonight nothing will bind us after tonight . All her money is mine Fuck Cali, and everything else.

<Jake> You’re a real piece of shit you know that, I really don’t know what the hell she saw in you , Cali doesn’t deserve a father like you . Look Anthony enough of the bullshit where is the kid I want to wish her a happy birthday.

<Anthony> She’s in her room. You know how to get there.
Jake starts to walk down the hall to Cali’s room, walking down the hall reminds him of her, looking at her pictures makes him hurt inside.

<Jake> Why him over me?

Jake knocks on the door , A little girl with pigtails opens it , the little girl had light brown hair and blue eyes that you could see even in the dark. She smiles, She had her mothers smile, Jakes heart melts and every time he see her, he thinks of the times he was with her mother all the good memories. Cali the little angel with the exception of her hair color, and skin color she was a spitting image of her mother.

<Cali> Uncle Jake!!!!! How are you sir?

Jake smiles
<Jake> Mi Chiquita bonita!! I told you.. You can call me Jorge, you and your mother are the only ones that are allowed to call me that.

<Cali> hehe.. You know I don’t know what that means right uncle Jorge. The Chiquita banita part..

<Jake> Your mom could never remember either baby . It means my little cutey. What are you still doing up honey.

<Cali> I was wondering if you where still coming, I thought you forgot about me, besides uncle Jorge the moosiq is to louf. So I got me some milk and some animamal quackers.

Jake laughs..
<Jake> Good girl! How can I ever forget you baby. I would never forget your birthday it’s the same as your mothers. By the way did you know that animamal crackers are my favorite.

<Cali> I know uncle Jorge. Uncle Jorge why is it that you’re the only one that talks about mommy, daddy doesn’t talk about her, he doesn’t even talk to me most of the time, Tell me about my mommy.

<Jake> I don’t know why your daddy doesn’t talk about her honey, Im sorry baby he doesn’t talk to you that much baby that’s why im here. Before I forget here baby Happy Birthday.
Jake hands her the locket and shows her how to use it .

<Cali> Uncle Jorge its beufiful.. I love it Thank You!!! Can I put it on right now.

<Jake> Sure baby let me help you
Jake puts the locket on her. Little Cali smiles.

<Jake> Your mother use to wear a locket similar to this one.

<Cali> Tell me about her.

<Jake> Your mother was hard to describe she was a saint and a sinner she was beautiful just like you she had a set of blue eyes just like you her hair was golden and she smiled just like you did..

Jake talked to Cali for hours about her mother in another room Anthony breaks down into tears when he hears how Jake loved his ex-wife.
Anthony talks to a stranger in the darkness.

<Anthony> You know he is not Jake with her right.. I hate him but he really loves the kid. How are you going to explain this, how are you going to clear this big lie up.

<Woman> Why do you care Anthony, its my lie and I will clear it im just glad to see him for who he really is I like to see him as Jorge not as Jake. Besides your part isn’t done. not yet!

<Anthony> After this its over right? After this you leave me alone and you don’t tell anyone about You know.

<Woman> Yes after this you are free and your secret dies with me .
By the time Jake looked down at his watch it was almost midnight Cali began to yawn and It broke Jakes heart to leave her. He couldn’t understand why the will said that after 4 years he would know. He didn’t get why he had to spend 4 years with this little girl. Not that he minded but he just didn’t understand the why . Jake kisses Cali on her forehead a single tear falls down his cheek goodbye baby.

<Cali> (half awake half asleep) Thank you uncle Jorge will I see you again.

Jakes memory flashes back to the last night he was with Cali’s mother.

<Girl> Thank you Jorge. Will I see you again.
<Jake> Yes baby you will only if you let me.

Jake responds to Cali.
<Jake> Yes baby you will only if you let me.
<Cali> K uncle Jorge.

Jake heads back to the study opens it up and sits down.
<Jake> How about that Jack and coke Anthony.

<Anthony> Of course! You love the kid don’t you? .

<Jake> Yes you asshole more than you do apparently.

<Anthony> Who cares about her Jake you kept your end of the bargain your promise is done and im almost done with mine and then I get all of her money that’s all I care about.

<Jake> You son of a bitch!!!

Jake lunges towards Anthony in a blind rage .. He picks up Anthony by his throat he squeezes with all his might .

<Jake> The kid is not paycheck you dick that’s your daughter that’s the only reminder you have of your wife my lover and all you care about is the fact that today you get all of her mothers money you worthless piece of shit I will squeeze the life out of you.

<Anthony> (struggling to get the words out) Jake!!!! Jake!!!! Let me go!!! Shes not my daughter … Jake .. Cali is YOURS!!!.

Jake hesitates for a second he cant help himself so he punches him in the face.

<Anthony> ahhh what the fuck Jake. My nose its bleeding you asshole, the kid is yours Jake im not kidding
Jake grabs Anthony by his shirt and is about to lay another one on him

<Jake> What the fuck did you just say! Mother fucker this is something you don’t joke about

For a brief moment a familiar scent hits Jakes nostrils its masked by a hint of the alcohol smell and the cheap cigars but it hits him, he knows the scent it’s the scent of Vanilla. Like a dog in heat Jake starts sniffing the air , the scent gets stronger and stronger there isn’t much light but Jake knows the scent all too well. Jake shakes it off he is imagining things he lets go of Anthony.

<Jake> What the hell are you trying to pull Anthony that scent. That VANILLA SCENT, that’s her scent , but it cant be hers. What did you feel nostalgic and decided to spray her perfume.

<Anthony> You don’t get it do you Jake. No I didn’t spray her perfume hell I hadn’t even smelled it I wasn’t kidding about Cali. LOOK

He points to the shadows , A woman steps out of the shadows and Jake’s heart sinks.

<Jake> What the fuck it cant be. No !!! You are … you aren’t real.. You.. You.. I… No it cant be you.

<Rylee> Hi Sir,

<Jake> No.. Baby? Is that really you ? I don’t understand You .. You died.

<Rylee> No Baby. I .

<Jake> I knew I smelled the vanilla scent I knew it . How

<Rylee> Baby the whole thing was a sham, I faked everything the only one that knew the truth was Anthony and he kept quiet because he wanted the money. I needed to see the truth about you if you could love someone more than you can love yourself. My entire estate was worth seeing your worth, Cali is yours, I was afraid to tell you because, you were never ready to give up Jake , you love being Jake more than what you really are your Jorge. I needed to see if you could be a father.

<Jake> Rylee you had me believe you were gone , I could have been there for Cali. I love the kid just like I love you I saw that kid as the only reminder of you Babe, You lied to me.

<Rylee> Baby I had to . I had to be sure that you can stop being Jake and be a father I had to see if you can settle down and start a family .. Well Jake can You

She hugs and kisses Jake . Jake sheds a single tear.

<Rylee> Well Jake? Jorge? My Jorge?

<Jake> I….

Jake’s alarm goes off he looks down at his watch its 8:00 PM. Jake is still park at the side of the road the problem with his double life is the lack of sleep he can never tell when hes awake and when hes asleep. Well today is December 29th hes got a promise to keep so he turns on the car and starts heading out to Anthonys house he looks down and sees hes locket he hopes that Cali likes it. He smiles and says to himself.

<Jake> With my fucked up dreams I should be a writer I would make a fortune of this shit.
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