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This is the bio of a very Dark Medjai. Hope you enjoy him as much as I.
Full Name: Khalid-Tarik Onaris-Khalfani

Age: He is 116 years old though he looks like he is in his late 50 or early 60’s.

Blood Type: Pure Blood

Wand: He has had many wands over the last 101 years but his favorite has been his current wand. It is 18 inches. It was made from Tamarisk wood with a Chimaera scale core.

Job: Member of Seven/Dark Medjai

Physical Description: Khalid-Tarik had reached his maximum height of 5’10” when he was only 15 years old. He is of muscular built as he eats right and works out every day. He has dark brown eyes that almost appear black. His hair at one time was also dark brown but turned mostly white with dark brown highlights when he had reached to age of 90.

Personality: Khalid-Tarik has been known to have a very cold personality even for a Medjai. Though he can and has in the past come across as somebody you can count on to watch your back but only when it suits his purposes. Then again if the price is right he would be the very one to put a dagger in that same back. He has a habit of manipulating people to do his dirty work though he has never tried that with Daniel or the Members of Seven. His hatred of the Ministry is so integrated into his personality that it blinds him to his own dark nature.

Likes: Daniel Marsden due to the fact that he runs the Seven. The Seven due to fact that some if not most of them are as cold blood killers as him. He thinks with the proper training they could easily become the best. He loves the exercise that he has gotten during the fight training at The Dojo. He loves killing Aurors because he blames the MoM for what happened to the Medjai. He loves the Dark Arts. His baby brother Tarik-Ari to same extent but believes that his family has made his half-brother soft.  He loves Egyptian food as it reminds him of his homeland. He likes Dahana to a point as he is easily swayed to do the killing. He also is easily disposed of. The only plant he seems to love is the Tamarisk. It might look like a bush but is in fact one of the few types of trees that are only found in Egypt. Loves his children and grandchildren though he don’t see them much. He sees the children that his oldest grandson has had with fellow seven member Rosalind Evans a lot more than the others.

Dislikes: Being behind a desk but understands why Daniel put him behind one; also he still has people that are his eyes and ears. TOE as he hates anyone that can and does get in the Seven's way. He hates the old members of his clan as he believes them to be too soft. They in his eyes could have stopped the downfall of the Medjai but choose not to. Any food that isn’t Egyptian. He hates the Ministry of Magic as he blames them for what happened to his people. On the most part he hates anything non-Egyptian and that includes plants as most are not found in the desert of Egypt.


He was born to a Medjai pureblood named Abdo-Ari and a Greek woman that was Abdo-Ari’s second wife. He only has one full sibling, his younger sister, Arianna. He has many half-siblings but they are mostly girls. This includes one that married an Auror by the name of Dawson. Her and his only half-brother are of his father’s first wife and as such his half-brother Tarik-Ari will one day lead the clan. He has always believed that as the eldest brother it’s leadership should come to him.

Khalid ran away from his family when he was only twelve years old. This was during the Medjai/Wizard War. His mother was found shortly after murdered and baby Arianna laying next to her. 

When at the age of 45 he tried to discuss this issue with his grandfather; his grandfather had flatly refused saying that Tarik-Ari was Medjai on both sides where Khalid-Tarik was Medjai only on his father’s. The grandfather had then reminded him of the problem he had caused in Germany when he was on his seven year exile. When he was 33 years old he was visited the Dachau Concentration Camp by the Black Forest of Germany. He happened to kill a family while there because one of the teenage children made fun of him. His father had helped him get back to Egypt but neither his father nor his grandfather ever let him forget his failure in his test of the value of his heart. Him and his grandfather had a heated argument which led to him killing his grandfather. He told his wives and children goodbye at 45 that he left Egypt for the second to last time.

He has had various affairs with women in England, Scotland, America. Though he had no idea until later in life that his oldest son by his second wife had in fact followed him from Egypt. Later he learned of his son’s children.

At age 95 he had ran into a young Indian while he was in Oklahoma taking odd jobs. Seeing the man to be skilled at changing his appearance, Khalid-Tarik befriended him. It was then that he learned the man’s first name Dahana. Khalid-Tarik committed the name to memory.

When he was 99 years old he ran into Dawson; the man had somehow found a witness to the murder in Egypt. Khalid-Tarik did not once blink but killed the Auror where he stood.

At age 99 in the late fall, he headed back to Egypt to find the witness to his grandfather’s murder. He killed the old man with little trouble. At that time he found out his own younger half-brother had already been searching for him for the last 23 years. A third cousin by the name of Leo Potter as well as the Auror Dawson had been by last week and they had talked to the old man. Dawson had sent a owl to the Ministry in England while Potter had sent an message to Tarik-Ari. Dawson, Khalid-Tarik had dealt with but now it looked like Potter might have turned Tarik-Ari against him. He decided to head back to England and question Leo as to how much his brother actually knew. Then he would kill him and even Tarik-Ari if he had too.

He realized that he needed a change in his appearance and upon remembering an encounter with a Indian named Dahana he decided the man could help him with one.  It was at this time that he and Dahana had talked about stolen artifacts. He would owe the man one favor but he could and would repay that quick.

With his new look at age 100 he sent an owl to Leo in the name of Tarik-Ari. When the man came for the meet, he didn’t have the proof on him. Khalid-Tarik enjoyed killing him very slowly. He had found out that Leo had not in fact proved his case to Tarik-Ari so his brother still would listen to him. Later in the week, after receiving an owl to be on the lookout for anything that could be Egyptian in origin; Dahana had sent him a message with some interesting news. The man Dahana had cursed in Scotland happened to be wearing a medallion that had a pyramid on it. Dahana had remembered that he had said he was looking for something that was taken from Egypt. Could the item be this medallion? Thinking that it could he had sent an owl to Dahana back thanking him for the information.

When he was 101 years old while in America on business he again ran into his young Indian friend Dahana. Dahana had asked a favor from him. It seemed that Dahana needed him to make a poison and put it on the daggers. After Dahana left he went to work. He decided to not use a poison but something worse. The Draught of Living Death was easy for the old Medjai to make. Some of the daggers needed only to be dipped into the potion and then set aside to let dry. The rest depended on who got the daggers. A young Auror named Tara was one of the people that got hit by a tinted dagger. She was now in coma. Dahana never knew that Khalid-Tarik had a hand in the young one’s coma.

When Khalid-Tarik was 102 his life’s path changed forever. That was when he met a man by the name of Daniel Marsden. After hearing  the man talk at great length at a meeting, he realized that by joining the group this man led he could and would see his desires fulfilled. The Medjai could be strong again and the Ministry would pay for what they had done as would the last of the old line of Medjai. People who like his grandfather were weak. He knew of some with Medjai blood. Now all he had to do was find the ones that he could and would mold to his ideals. The rest like his grandfather would be destroyed.

When Khalid-Tarik was 111. When Dempsey had informed Daniel that Dahana had in fact killed the boy Marcus Andreas, even Khalid-Tarik wanted Dahana dead but in due time.

The reason being Khalid-Tarik need Dahana to still shake the sister up some. This was because upon reaching the island Daniel had decided to put him behind a desk. He still need to know if  she had the proof of his grandfather's murder. That proof could not reach Tarik-Ari.

It was November that Khalid-Tarik not trusting Dahana to not harm the girl; had asked Dempsey to take a picture of her with her medallion. It was though this picture of the girl Tia that he had realized that the medallion was not the one his grandfather had torn from his neck. It was something even more priceless. It was a medallion that show her to be at least part Medjai. Somebody that he could easily mold. It was then that he remembered that Dahana had in fact killed the brother Marcus. The man would pay for that but not yet; for he still needed him to bring him the girl.

That Christmas holiday he had sent a message to Dahana that he would like to talk to the girl. Telling him if the artifact was in fact in the board then she was the only one that could open it as he had tried and had failed. When Dahana had gotten to his special place. The young Indian had sent him an owl and left. Khalid-Tarik let the Aurors find her as he didn’t need her with him just yet. The reason Khalid-Tarik was  interested in the Andreas girl was because she had Medjai blood in her. She and others like her would help him rebuild the Medjai. Khalid-Tarik wanted his cousin with him not against him. She would join the Seven he would see to that.

If his younger half-brother Tarik-Ari turned against him; then the next Medjai leader would not live long enough to lead.

Now Daniel Marsden is dead. Khalid knows that the murder was carried out on The Dark One's orders. He also knows that he must be careful as he could be next. For what he must do, Khalid chooses to call in an outsider. The man is called The Fixer! Khalid chose him because this man gets the job done! He also has never chosen a side. The Fixer is a Wild Card and That is Just What Khalid Needs!

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