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by EmyJ;)
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Emotional · #1733410
I'm not usually a poet but lately I've been writing quite a bit. Don't be too brutal!

You smile at me
I giggle and think maybe
There's someting between us
That we cannot discuss.

I feel your fingertips
Brushing over my hips
As we walk together
Like it's forever.

I know it's wrong and may not last
But it feels right and we're moving fast
Down a road of no return
Where, inside, love and danger churn.

When I'm with you I feel again
But when I pour out my soul, then
You hold me at arms length and
Desperately try and stay our hands.

When you're near I'm tongue tied
You have held me when I cried
You pushed me away when I tried
To be with you, swallowing my pride.

Opposites Attract

Black hair,
Brown eyes,
Black clothes,
Brown skin.

Coarse hands,
Strong arms,
Tall frame,

Blonde hair,
Blue eyes,
White clothes,
White skin.

Soft face,
Thin wrists,
Slender waist,

Double Speak

I love your top!
I can't believe she's wearing that.
How are you?
I really don't care but I feel obligated to ask.

I'm so sorry, I'm here for you.
That really sucks for you but please don't bother me.
I don't know if I like him.
I'm totally falling for him but I don't want you to judge me.

Now is that really a good idea?
Wow, you are an idiot.
You're hair looks really cute today.
Something's different. . . but I don't pay attention enough to figure out what it is.

Happy birthday! You're so awesome!
I completely forgot about your birthday.
I look like crap today.
Please give me a compliment.

Where are you going?
I don't want you to leave. . .

Nothing is as it seems.

Cleansing Fire

Fire can burn but
It can also heal an emotional cut.
Flame is always painful
But the outcome is beautiful.

Photo Brilliance

When I hold a camera
I feel like the world is mine.
Like I can capture any moment
And store it forever.

Through my lens
I notice every detail.
Colors are brighter
And beauty is revealed.

My fingers itch to
Snap the perfect shot.
My mind is always looking
For artistic brilliance.

I find interest
In everyday things.
I can turn something simple
Into something magical.


Songs can show a persons feelings.
Not just those of the author either.
Favorite songs will tell you more about them
They they will ever tell themselves.

The lyrics could be literal to them
Or just the feeling of the music
Can show how a person is thinking.

They can also invoke feelings.
A happy song can bring a depressed
Person back to life.
A dancing tune can cause shy
Person to bloom.

The City

The sun shines every day.
The birds are never scared away.
People are happy on the outside,
But inside they all have died.

At night the beasts emerge.
They devour in a quick surge.
Citizens try to get away, to run.
But it's no use, they get what they hunt.

People disappear all the time,
But there is no report of a crime.
It is all ignored, swept under the rug.
No one batts an eyelash, they only shrug.

He and I

He sweet talked
And I fell.
He kissed me
and I let go.
He pushed
And I broke.

He ignored me
And I panicked.
He stepped back
And I rushed ahead.
He walked away
And I was destroyed.


It can fly but also drag.
It is orderly yet chaotic
It is measured the same, but all felt differently.

Humans are the only living things that document it's passage.
It holds sway over our lives.
We never notice it, but we fear it running out.


Fingers slide down an arm
Squeeze of a hand in greeting
A hug to say goodbye,
A friend.

A light brush
A gentle hand
Cheeks flush
Take a stand

Lips lightly touch
Fingers interlace
Arms hold tightly,
A lover.

A light brush
A gentle hand
Cheeks flush
Take a stand

Anxious thoughts racing
A hand laying on a back
Clutching a T-shirt in frustration,
She is afraid.

A light brush
A gentle hand
Cheeks flush
Take a stand

Affection is flowing
From her to him
A palm cupping a lovely face,
Love. . .


We met through our voices
But to pursue it seemed pointless.
I shunned her before
I could really care for.

Then she dated my brother
And I got to know her further.
I got over any reservation
And began laying a foundation.

Our friendship flourished
From having shared interests.
I helped her become more outgoing
And she corrected my wrongdoings.

We have stuck together
Through emotional bad weather.
Even when I didn't notice
She's there when life is hopeless.

We have fought intensely
But make up eventually.
Then her father took her
Away, to another.

Now I have a hole
Deep within my soul
Where she used to be
And I want her to be free.

The time we've spent apart
Has been squeezing my heart
But soon she will visit
And it'll be a great experience!

Battling Temptation

Temptation is bittersweet.
It is wonderful, secret, and forbidden
But also wrong, frightening, and dangerous.
If uncontrolled it will destroy.

I try to ignore it all
But their advances are persistent.
I keep busy and send the right signals
But they never understand.

Sometimes I give in
If only for a moment
But later it causes me great pain
That I must bottle up inside.

The battle against these desires
Will never cease.
But I must keep fighting.
For him.

Peacocks and Ponies

A prancing pony pounded down
Pushing pouting people around
To play with a peacock, so proud
Of her pretty purple an brown
Flitting, floating feather gown.

They frolicked for flowers and
Found ferocious fires across the land!
Fearfully they flew for to get a hand
To smother scorched and searing sand.

Soon the sun started to sink
Sending shadows sailing in a blink
Killing the corosive and crude stink.

The cute peacock and pony cowardly
Creep carrying crooked flowers carefully.

And finally escape the choking, smoking, flaming plains.

Dancing High

Flashing lights, pounding bass, and unintelligible lyrics
Are met by my swaying hips, flipping hair, and thumping pulse.

Bright sequin, shiny spandex, and warm bare skin
Brush against my raised arms, aching back, and shuffling legs.

Rough hands, tall frame, and hard body
Guide me in a whirl of clasping fingers, seductive smiles, and whispered secrets.

Elated joy, lustful thoughts, and mod mentality
Send my mind into a frenzy of pure emotion as I ride on a dancing high.

Light and Shade

We want to discard
All of the discord
In the entire world.

But without shadow
Nothing can glow
We would never know.


Music moves people
All over the entire
World and beyond it.


He looks at me
Like he can see
All my secrets and deepest desires.

That adorable smile
Keeps going for miles
When I feel like just giving up.

He protects me
From everything
That I am scared to face alone.

He touches my hand
But I don't understand
How we could ever be together.

I try to lean in
But we can't begin
No matter how much we wish to.

I know it's wrong
But it's where we belong
In each others arms, forever.

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