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John Lennon, I miss his song writing more than live itself. RIP my friend.
John Lennon and Paul McCarney wrote lovely music together but separtly they also did a fine job. Of course, I'm a George Harrison fan also but that's a whole nother story. (as you see I have my own voice in my writing, I always thought of it as a curse until my creative writing teacher said people wait life times to get their voice in their work).

When Imagine hit the charts I was probably about 20 years old. I wanted to change the world with my ideas. I met Malcom X, Janis Joplin, Jane Fonda, and Gloria Steinem in Detroit, MI during the late sixties and seventiest. I'd heard Bob Seger and the Last Herd at free rock concerts along with Ted Nugent and the Amboy Dukes. I had quite and education wearing my Tame General Motors badge on my worn jeans. I got a lot of education during my time up there and I thought it a hard one but it really became the bases of what I am today. I'm in the south with lots of consevatives and how does this lead up to John Lennon, I was not closed mind and knew what the song really meant.

If there were no heaven and hell, just imagine. No fighting between religions. We don't know what will happen next. I don't think there is people out there, take the Native Americans being sent to hell because they don't believe the proper name of their creator. Do you think they are headed to some horrible place when they left this world better than they found it before they arrived.

"Imagine there's no heaven above us only sky. No hell to die for....Imagine all the people living life in peace."

How much more beautiful can lyrics get, well stay turn for more.

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