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by boxcar
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He forced her to accompany him on an adventure; together they will rewrite history.
I love writing adventure and thriller novels and now do such full time. I have written this Romance/adventure novel I hope will spark everyones interest. It is the first of 3 more standalone adventure novels in what I call the Johnny Walker adventure series. A short rundown follows:

The Mbuji Juju Synopsis
88430 Words
WGA 971343

Feminist Harlow is a reporter for her daddy's newspaper, but her amateurish delving into sensitive African police issues has gotten her in Dutch with the authorities. She needs to leave town in a gusty hurry. The gullible, often funny, Harlow meets Johnny Walker in her quest, but mistakes his pet Lioness, Simba, for a dangerous threat when Walker makes her the bunt of an animated prank. Afterwards, Harlow accidentally disrupts a diamond cutter, ruining his illegal work, and his two cohorts go after her with fire in their eyes and from their guns. Walker interrupts the chase and he gives Harlow a juju bag telling her it’s for protection—but it smells like rotten fish. Walker goes through the diamond cutter’s things looking for the source of the diamond shards sprinkled on the ground near the body, and he is hastily accused of murder. Rather than argue, he dives out the window taking the reluctant Harlow with him. The two eventually strike a shaky alliance

Harlow says she has to get to Botswana where her “Daddy” is visiting on business. As the two get to know each other better, she tells of an eerie find Botswana natives call the “Glass God.” She says she overheard it in a bar. Walker says her story is ludicrous and she should forget it. Still, he says he has business in a Botswana diamond mine where a friend, Estabin, hails, and she is welcome to accompany him. Once inside the mine, the two find a WWII German airplane and indications that Hitler may have left a double to take his place in Germany at the end of the war. Subsequently, Hitler’s diary leads the two to confront the living “Glass God,” and the charred bodies of not only Estabin, but Hitler and Eva Brown too.

Walker topples the “God” in an effort to kill it, but the floor turns to lava, and the two narrowly escape with their lives when the mountain blows to smithereens. They are captured and taken to a Nazi sympathizer’s home where a furious scuffle erupts after the host orders Walker and Harlow killed. It is here Walker reveals who he really is. It is also here where Walker shows how inept he is. Later, he surprises Harlow by showing her what is inside the Juju bag she thought was protecting her. It is much later that Harlow realizes she has deep feelings for Walker, and maybe men aren’t so bad after all.

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