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by doug
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    As the ice caps melt and the ocean gets heavier.The bottom of the ocean floor gets pushed down like a sponge, Putting pressure on all the under lying faults causing the gulf stream to change its flow. Now most people do not pat attention to these things. Its not a joke. The danger is very real. The magma chambers in the earth allready have millions of tons of pressure on them. This is why there has so many earthquakes and volcanoes for the last year or so. The earth is fixing itself . You may ask yourself how this is happening and seek an answer. It is all scientific fact that this is happening. The worst is yet to come. Some places like low lying islands appear to be sinking, others appear to be rising. They are actually tilting somewhat. Being pushed up by the extra weight of the water that is melting from the ice caps. To get a better understanding of this let me explain.  If the water just melted and stayed in one place there would be no problem. But it does not. It moves with the gulf stream which is the under water current under the oceans. Water is heavy and trillions of gallons of water adds up to quadtrillions of extra weight that has to settle somewhere. But if it keeps moving something has to move with it such as plates in the earths crust. All that extra pressure has to settle and thats what is causing all the global problems. We cant fix it it has to fix itself. The governments of the world know this. they cant fix it either. All we can do is move away from dangerous fault zones and hope for the best and do the best that we can for survival. As for people living on the coasts I am giving you a warning. YOU ARE IN TERRIBLE DANGER.  Head for high ground, do not wait until you cant save your family. Starting over is a hard thing to do. I would much rather do that than have to dig a bunch of graves because I did not care until it was to late to care.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1733863-Self-healing