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by rachie
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speculation about how close God can be
The Baby

I wanted to talk to my God one day,
But I didn’t know how to approach him:
So I went to church to see how other people did.

There was a man very close to me and he was talking to his God,
His knees were bent, his hands were clasped tightly,
While he waited for his God to roar.

I saw another man on another pew,
He was praying too. He would lift his head …
And look around,  like someone might be listening.
Maybe his God would whisper.

A lady stood  nearby, her hands held out in front of her.
Poised and waiting.
I guessed her God would clap.

I heard a baby with his mother, playing outside , very near.
While everyone was praying.
Through a window I saw as he watched a leaf
Fall from a  tree.
He whispered as it passed him.

A bee came close and as it did,
He clapped his hands together.

The wind began to stir, as it did it tickled him.
The child roared with laughter.

The mother picked her infant up and
Held him close to quiet him.
Sh -sh- sh, she said,
“In the church everyone is praying.”
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