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Rated: 18+ · Poetry · Dark · #1734097
Addiction/withdrawal. Illusions, hallucinations & mirages that torment the mind.
This Day Scars Dreams

Yesterday I smoked a rude awakening with
Casanova heroin’s fine white protégé
Today it’s a drink with icy stares from
Mama Melanoma and her brood of decay
Split apart from the happiness I could never
Wrap my punctured arms around again
The age that sinks its teeth into my face
Stretches wide its antiseptic sin

Tomorrow I’ll play morphine poker with
A Cassandra-like phallic syringe
And wrap my cinnamon legs around
The neck of a head that’s lost its skin
Deep in the soil of so many goodbyes
Shadows dart in and around each wish
There’s snow falling past its winter
And no affection in its kiss

So I pray in hopes that forgiveness
Doesn’t lead me to Rasputin’s stash
And offers me a token sympathy
Like splinters of fate that stab and slash
I bleed drops of sweltering memories
Showering blessings of wrath upon
Like the sparks that dart from a heavy anvil
Until the iron is thin or gone

I gather bitter hours
Medusa sprinkles her salt to assure
Safe passage from the shadow lands as…
Leviathan stabs at the clouds to pour 
All the rusty knives I’m still wearing
Firmly planted in my back
Sting with the Juliet of my addictions
Like serving pastry to all the rats

Words: John Apice
C-Copyright-Registered House of Apice - August 24, 2009
© Copyright 2010 LaStrada (lastrada at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/1734097-This-Day-Scars-Dreams