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by rachie
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being guarded and advised by my angel
I am watching

strange ships came in
laden with questionable cargo.
I was there
watched them dock
then look for storefronts.
I put the closed sign in your window.
i put the detour sign on your street.
I told their merchandisers
you were unavailable.
you were tending other business.
you would never be available.
I turned off the heat
harm would warm its self
or even just his hands
at your fire.
I made your wine sour
I made your bread burn.
some merchants are not welcome.
watch the ships Rachel
be aware of what they carry
it is ok to close the store
and take a day.
know where the cargo comes from
who is there
when it lands.
sometimes what is offered is no treasure at all
and know
without question,
what is precious
is always well protected


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