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Teresa discovers Ricardo and Angelina in the garden.

Chapter 1 Fiasco in the Garden

When Teresa got the note from Maria she was so excited. “Don Ricardo is home! Don Ricardo is home! Imagine after a year, Don Ricardo is home!”

She had been in love with him as long as she could remember. He was her hero, her knight in shining armor. When he spoke in that gentle voice, it sent a thrill through her body. It was all she could do to keep from blushing and sometimes wanted to smother him with kisses, not that she’d dare; But what if he were to ask? What was she to do then? Or worse yet, what if he were to insist? Would she ever be able to say no? Well perhaps this was the day for finding out….for letting him sweep her into his arms. She was eighteen and he was twenty-three. Was it not the perfect age for two so well suited? Her heart pounded in anticipation.

In the past year their correspondence had become more frequent. With each letter came an outpouring and yes, a growing heat to his sentiments. She picked up his latest billet and read again words she could easily recite “…many is the night I recollect your smile, and wish I could speak in person, the intentions of my heart..."

Were these not her exact feelings, she thought, emboldened by hope?Are these not the same emotions I feel with every heartbeat? She took the letter and clasping it to her bosom, set off for the estate of her beloved.


Upon arriving home Don Ricardo was greeted in the courtyard by his sister Maria and friends and well-wishers. He looked about hoping to see Teresa but she was nowhere about. He did however, see Angelina jumping up and down and waving enthusiastically. In the press of handshakes and embraces he soon felt her scented breasts against his chest. Angelina was a distant cousin who was closer than he dared to admit. She was the embodiment of the type of woman that men dream about and her touch sent a shiver of anticipation racing through his veins.

It was this same girl who had introduced him to the wonders of love, coaxing him patiently through all the delightful variations, with an unaccountable understanding and endless knowledge. He felt an unwelcome heat. The passion he'd hope to reserve for Teresa reared its head stretching the inside of his pantaloons.

If I go in the house, he thought to himself, Angelina will take me aside and bend me to her will. Better that I remain out of doors. So he walked with his sister, hoping to be distracted from his need and catch up on all the gossip. As hostess, however, Maria was soon drawn by her duties and begged excuse, returning to the Hacienda.

At the first opportunity Ricardo broke away, slipping behind a hedge at the corner of their not so formal garden. Thinking he was unobserved he breathed deeply the scents of early summer. A water course flowed amid the tall grasses. A path meandered to a planked bridge that crossed the brook. On the other side was a manger with a trellised arch that hung heavy with the buds of small white roses.

“Ricardo,” spoke a voice softy from behind. “I was hoping to find you alone…”

He knew without turning that he was lost. With a sigh he looked over his shoulder as Angelina wrapped her arms around him. She began kissing the back of his neck and would have left her mark had he not turned about. As he did she arose on her tiptoes. Their lips met and her tongue probed his palate.

Stepping back he held her at length...."This is wrong, Angelina. You're married now and I'm promised to another."

"Promises, promises," she answered, "What of the promises you once made to me?" She pressed closer, snuggling into his chest....one arm held his waist and her free hand dropped low, massaging that most sensitive and vulnerable of parts.

"Have you no honor?" he asked, breaking free once more.

"I gave it all to you Ricardo.”

“This goes nowhere; there’s no hope for us."

Please!” she implored, “We still have the moment....Hurry! before my husband awakens and begins to question my whereabouts.”

Ricardo groaned…he'd never been able to resist this woman and his will power began to crumble. She began untying her bodice....

"Wait!" he said, still hoping to reverse the tide.

Her breasts spilled obscenely into view. “Remember these?” she inquired, offering one to his lips. The nipple perked, like a nub of soft brown leather, peering up from a black aureole. It was already growing hot and sweat rolled down her cleavage.

You don't have to go through with this, he thought to himself and started to speak...

She stepped up onto an overturned clay pot. .As his lips opened she poked one inside...." Suck it" she insisted.

He tried to say no, but could only mull the word.

"...don't talk with your mouth full," she scolded.

The smell of her unwashed body was redeemed by the light scent of perfume. It lingered in the air and made her temptation irresistible. She pulled back on her nurture and it popped out with suction. Laughing, she teased with the other as he reached out with his tongue.

What are you doing, cried the shocked voice of his conscience?

“Pull down!” she said impatiently, "Show me your manliness." Her fingers reached out eagerly unbuckling his belt. "Hurry!" she exhorted....

Without hesitation, Ricardo began to unloosen the laces of his britches. He pulled them apart at the seam and slid the fabric down over his hips.

"Yes!" she said and squatted back on the rushes. Stepping out at the ankles he straddled her, brandishing his generous endowment back and forth.

“Is this that certain something you were hoping to see?”

"Of course," she answered, "and look what I’ve got to show."

Angelina smiled coyly, looking up intently as she slowly began pulling back on the hem of her dress. Concurrently she raised her knees and spread, exposing temptation to the full light of day. His eyes gleamed as her wanton thighs gaped open. She pointed down into her nakedness, smiling with invitation.

"Is this that certain something you were hoping to play with?"

His jaw hung slack as he nodded in affirmation.

“Then come to me my Stallion,” she said reaching up.

He knelt, nudging her legs apart, holding her by the hips. Her fingers gripped his girth as she positioned her buttocks.

"...And what would your husband think if he could see us now?" Ricardo asked.

"When he wakens from Siesta you'll have to ask him..."

He scooted closer feeling the swirl of her short hairs.

She tugged insistently guiding him into the opening and shifted deftly to accommodate the entry.

Why do I suffer this Bitch, he asked himself? In answer he pushed into the moist folds of her body. The tip muscled aside the petals of her flower, moving with a wet friction, ever deeper into her flesh.

He treats me like a whore and I allow it... she realized, raising her buttocks and coaxing him to length. In halts and jerks it strained, worming into her clutch, with hard and invasive warmth.

"Why are you always so cruel to me?"

"…because what we do is shameful."

"Come now Ricardo, you love this as much as I do...."

He began working in and out as they renewed the memory of their intercourse. With each repetition she responded, arching her back and squeezing her sphincter. He moaned....

"And I missed you too," she said helplessly.

"How many times must I tell you Angelina....It's over between us?"

"Then why are we so engaged," she snapped back, “or is this just another one of your escapades.... like the last one I had to deal with?"

He recoiled.....The memory made him stiffen in self-loathing...

"I'm sorry, so very sorry!!" he answered, picking up the stroke.

"Slow down," she replied anxiously....will you leave me hanging in this too?"

"Why are you so certain it was me...? Why am I the sole focus of your suspicions?"

"Such a convenient and vile a question....Since you weren't listening the last time, I'll repeat myself.....Because, a woman always knows!"

"How do I argue with that...?"

"You don't.... A gentleman accepts a lady's word...and you’re no gentleman."

Back and forth, they bantered as the heat of their lovemaking continued.

"What do you want from me?" he demanded.

"What I wanted you already disdained. When I begged matrimony, you brushed me aside like an embarrassment, leaving me to the consequence of a loveless marriage.”

"There are others you could blame. Why do you single me out for torment?"

She laughed bitterly as their sex grew more heated. She remembered once more the suffering caused by his cruel insinuations. She reveled in the punishment she gave this man she once loved. She delighted in mixing the pleasure with all the pain he had once visited her heart.

"Believe what you will....Rodrigo is your son."

His face was florid and the veins stood out on his forehead.

"If you don't control yourself," she warned, "you'll have a seizure like my husband..."

He squeezed her wrists and she paused, hoping to delay his peak and not be left in frustration.

“Not yet," she enjoined ..."wait for me,”

On and on went the dance, as the tempo became more and more unbearable. Bathed in sweat, the smell of their exertions hung in the air. Rivulets flowed to their lower extremities and resounded in a harmony of slapping flesh. As he held her down she began to squirm and thrash.

Is this why God made us, she wondered, To be gored and brought low, upon a man's horn.....to be impaled and hoisted on a thankless petard like some grim trophy? Time slowed and the moment became almost surreal. In her clutch she felt the pulsing of his erection in synchrony with her heart. Vainly she tried to remember those qualities she had once admired in Ricardo.

"Why do you torment me?" He cried out.

His words broke the spell and provoked her ire....They gave fresh excuse to incite his pain and anguish.

"…because I hate you! Her eyes glowered. “Go ahead and enjoy your rut but be advised that my moon waxes and the morning sun dawns on your timely arrival."

His heart clutched and he groaned in anguish. Were these prophetic words or just more of the same hateful spite? Helpless to stay the inevitable, he continued, a slave to nature, as his hips pounded the eternal drum.

Slowly she began to feel the promise of surcease. An urgent summons beckoned from the roots of her maternal heritage. Excitement began to build like a far off wave rearing and falling, moving ever closer to the shore. She gripped his buttocks... urging his lead to the summit of a long awaited climax.

“I'm coming,” she cried in the throes!

One instant followed the next as he rode her with a hard and cruel insistence. "slut," he muttered beneath his breath as his need began erupting in long spasms of relief.

He uses me like a piss-pot, she thought bitterly, pushing back on her shoulders and rearing upwards. Shame blurred the vision, as both hung suspended in carnal embrace. Time stood still as the mismatched twain clutched one another in their tortured desire.

Unholy bitch, he swore silently as his organ splayed about filling her womb with a hot and viscous lust.

"Forgive me God," she wept, soaking up the torrent and wallowing in their passion.

They collapsed and for long moments lay spent and exhausted, still locked grossly in that final clutch.

Then from afar there came a voice. “Ricardo, are you there?"

Walking up over the bridge a young girl stumbled unexpectedly upon them. Her eyes grew wide as she beheld the two, still yoked in carnal union. She turned scarlet and her jaw dropped open.

"Forgive me for intruding,” Teresa finally managed to blurt; before turning with a sob and fleeing back to the Hacienda.
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