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We sometimes don't appreciate the work of others. Open your eyes.
Work Is Never Done

- Still being revised. A work in progress -
I needed to write something light hearted instead of dark.

The kitchen sink’s filled with dirty dishes
There’s dust everywhere
The bathroom tub is over flowing
Laundry’s on every table and chair
The television’s on and no one’s watching
Every light is on in the house
The kids are running around naked
And I think I just saw a mouse
The garbage bags are filled to the top
The recycling truck’s just turned on our block
There’s a cigarette in the cereal
And holes in all my socks

There’s a popcorn bag that exploded
In the microwave last night
Something’s burning -- can you smell it?
Your face looks a little white
Medicine’s all over your bedroom
Are those Lego’s on the floor?
Someone missed the toilet again
Can someone please answer the front door?
The car won’t start and it’s raining
The phone’s ringing and no one moves
The dog’s chewing on your slippers
Did you know the mortgage is over due?

Where are my new underwear?
Is there a clean towel I can use?
Do we only have dirty spoons in this house?
I think we just blew another fuse
Is this the black lace bra you were looking for?
It was between the cushions in the couch
Why isn’t there toilet paper in the bathroom?
Don’t accuse me of being a grouch…
Who plugged in this iron?
What did they just say on the News?
Did the kids do all their homework?
Who didn’t cap this Elmer’s glue?

I have to tie and take out the papers?
Did you do any food shopping this week?
My mother used to say “my work is never done”
Now I know what she really means
Let’s be calm and have some juice now
The toast is burned and the milk just spilled
Who’s that under the table?
Did you see this water bill?

Come over and give me a kiss
Let’s tangle up tight like garden hoses
I promise I won’t watch any Hannity
Because you deserve a dozen roses

Yeah…that’s what I’ll do for you…
I’ll give you some help and a dozen roses....

Words: John Apice
C-Copyright-Registered House of Apice
In the tradition of John Prine
Original idea 1971 Medicated Music
Revised November 2, 2010

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