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by Ash
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It was going through my head when I knew Ii had to write it down.
It was dark, and the smell was horrible. Everywhere I looked, all was darkness. I tried to move but I couldn’t. I moved my arm nothing happened. I kicked. I screamed. I threw myself at everything around me. Nothing happened. I felt nothing. I saw nothing. I heard nothing. Everything I thought meant to me was nothing. Everything was gone. I might have sat down but I couldn’t tell. The crying came in fits. As I stood or sat my crying started out as little tears then became heart reaching tears. The way I knew I was crying was because I tasted the salt in my mouth. I didn’t feel but taste. I looked around once more. This time with a different take on things I looked inside the nothingness and saw. I saw the most beautiful colors ever I saw what most people saw every day.  I saw greens, yellows, blues, reds, and so many colors. The colors hurt my eyes at first but then the pain became natural. I laid my hand on something green and felt the green stuff prickle my hands as I went over it. I heard this low gurgling noise mixed with another. The noise blended together as I listened. I stared at everything. I looked about to see where I was at and saw this big blob standing over me. The big blob was holding me and the green stuff that was prickling my fingers was something it wore. Then I heard another gurgle it sounded like, “ It’s a girl," as i was passed from blob to another.
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