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A lonely Christmas, Winter 1980
My first Christmas tree, thirty years ago
Upon my arrival in Las Vegas
Shall always be remembered so,
As also one of my greatest

My pickup truck was my home
My refuge and my castle
I was totally, absolutely alone…
But… it wasn’t such a hassle

I drove into the desert one day
To see what I could see
And lo and behold beside the road
Found my perfect Christmas tree

It was a three inch tall cactus
All attitude, prickly and brash
And I promptly, and proudly installed it
Upon my ol’ trucks dash

I used cigarette pack cellophane
As tinsel you see
Stuck tight to the spines
Of my lil’ Christmas tree

Many times it fell off my dash
My prickly lil’ friend
When I would start off too fast
Or career round a bend

Though small, and deceptive
It was easy to find you see
Usually stuck quite painfully
Upon my boney right knee

It was all I had that christmas
And I was lonely and far from home, you see
Just me and my ol’ pickup truck
And my lil’cactus Christmas tree

Childhood memories and blessings are nice…
But the one I’ll most remember will be
The one in which, all there was in my world
Was just me…my ol’ pickup…and my cactus Christmas tree
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