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A young barmaid realizes that some things cannot be changed.
One fine morning in the village of Evermead a young barmaid by the
name of Lorna was getting ready for work when she stopped by the
well for a drink.

As she used her hands to bring a bit of water to her lips she
noticed a most curious toad staring at her.

"Hello fine young maiden," she heard the toad say.

"I do not believe that toads should be able to talk," answered

He spoke not another word, and the girl continued on her way.

On her way to the tavern she saw a dog with wings merrily flying
through the streets.

Lorna said, somewhat annoyed, "I do not believe that dogs should be
able to fly." And the dog no longer flew.

Finally she arrived at the tavern, ready to begin serving the

"Bring me a flagon of mead, serving wench, and make it fast!" she
heard a customer yell in a rude fashion.

"I do not believe that you should be so rude, sir," Lorna responded,
greatly insulted.

The man, amused by the girl's indignation, simply laughed.

Lorna spoke angrily, "When I told a toad that I do not believe that
he should speak, he spoke no more. When I told a dog that I do not
believe he should fly, he grounded himself. So when I tell a rude
man to not be rude, so too should he no longer be as he was."

"But surely the toad knew that he could speak, and the dog that he
could fly," said the man.

"Of course," Lorna said.

"But I never knew that I was rude."
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