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Mostly I just pray fro you tonight

Never seen you look so good,
Never seen you stand so tall
Never seen you so afraid,
Then stand and face it all
I've never heard you say good bye,
Not knowing what is down the line
Never knew that you could be so brave,
I never knew that you were so brave.

It's 3 am and I can't sleep again
Thoughts of you push the sleep away
Wonder where you are, can you see these beautiful stars
3 months and counting you'll be back home

"I pray for peace, I pray for comfort
I pray you're safe where ever you are at tonight
I pray for strength, I pray you're praying
I pray you find your faith somewhere in the fight
Mostly I just pray for you tonight."

You say you're fine, you say you're not scared
You say you're following what you know is true
But you're so far away, we sure do miss you
2 months and counting, you'll be back home

Chorus (with intro)

Never seen you look so good, never seen you stand so tall
I never was more proud of you
Then the day you came home,
The day that you were home

Okay quick back story. I wrote this for my little brother, who in all actuality is my best friend. He is someone who makes me laugh and lets me cry and is a pain in the butt all in the same day. He is an amazing young man now, which is hard for me to wrap my head around, who is trying his best to do what he knows is right. The day he told me he was joining the marines I was so immensely proud of him for being the man I knew he could be, but I was also scared out of my mind and yet so happy. He inspired this song, and though I have not yet had to face the reality of this I know it is coming and I hope that I will find solace in my own words, much like I hope any of you who read this and know this feeling do.
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