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by doug
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a young boy has troubles on his way home

                              It is late in the fall snow could be here at any time. Theres a family down the valley. They have a bunch of kids. Ones in college nine are in school three are in diapers. Now one of theses kids has some issues. He is kinda hard headed and has to check everything out. Why he will climb every tree in the woods and look at every creek and hill around just to see whats there. One day he was way up in the mountian and it was a long walk to home from there. He thought it was getting kinda late and he did not want to be up here after dark. He didnt know where any of his brothers were because he went off alone again. It sure was getting late an he was getting a little worried about making it home before dark. His dad worked nights and slept most of the time during the day so he didnt see him much. Unless he had been mean and he needed a lil extra lookin after. Dad always took time for that seems like and my bottom did not like that at all. Well thats another story anyhow. I found myself in a jam here and i knew i could not make it home before dark. Darn dad is gonna give me a good one for this and mom she would be a waiting up till i was home. Dang it I guess I will just have to do the best I can and get home. Now dad had let us kids learn all kinds of stuff and this nite I was going to need it. Every one of us including the girls could build a fire of find shelter and find all kinds of stuff in the woods to eat. I could catch fish with my hands if I wanted to cause I had done that before. Only problem was the creek was down next to the house and it was a seven mile walk and I was getting a little hungry. It was to late in the year to pick some berries so I found  an old bees nest half way up a tree and just climbed up there and got me some honey comb. I was sitting there just as happy as a bird on a window sill stealing a piece of pie crunb when the limb gave out.  No wonder the bees left it, the tree was rotten. I fell fifteen feet and was all scratched up. I sure earned that honey. I was lucky I didnt break my neck. Mom was gonna skin me. I tore my pants dang it.  Well I started off towards home. It was getting cold and I had left my jackett at the house. Me and my brothers had made a tree house and I knew I could make it there because I could see the tree  from where I was and that was another mile or so. Just about then it started to rain. Dang my luck. I was to far from home, I fell from a tree, I tore my pants and now I was all wet. What else could go wrong. Well I made it to the tree house and wouldnt you know it some of the steps were gone. They were makeshift any way. We pulled rusty nails out of everything we could find to put them on the tree. Well it was only another mile to home and at least I had a path to walk down even though it was dark now. Lucky for me the lightning was helping me see the path or I would be sleeping in the woods tonight. I was almost home now and mom was waiting just like I figured. I sure  was  glad to see her. I made it home and got a hug from mom to. Half drown by the rain an scratched all over. It sure feels good to be home again.

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