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(vore, f/m, furry, digestion, scat)
(vore, f/m, furry, digestion, scat)

Five long time friends play a game of `truth or dare' before they part ways. The truths revealed are surprising to say the least and the dares can be more than some bargained for.


By JuiceFox

Exams had finished and everyone in college was moving out for the summer break. The elation was tangible but, for five friends, it was a sad occasion. Talia, Stacey, Sierra, Jacob and Stewart had all met at the beginning of freshman year, and their friendship had lasted all the way to graduation. So, after four years together they would all have to go their separate ways. But the long time friends couldn't leave without one last celebration.

Talia the wolf and her best friend Stacey the skunk had just signed the lease for an apartment to rent together so they got the gang together for a house warming party. They kept it to just the five of them so they could make the most of their remaining time together.

The five friends gathered in the living room of Talia and Stacey's new apartment and drank everything in the house. Stewart was the only one there to stay completely sober. The otter swore to not touch a drink for a year after an incident where he threw up in Stacey's lap, back when they were still going out. So far, he stayed true to his word and that night was no exception.

They talked about the day they all met. It was at a party at the start of freshman year; the five of them played a game of truth or dare and, after that, they just seemed to click.

Talia remembered the game and said to the lioness, Sierra, with mock accusation, “You always gave the worst dares.”

Jacob, the other lion in the room, and Sierra's current boyfriend, chuckled, “You have to admit, though, she did make things interesting.”

Interesting was one way to put it, but it wouldn't be the word that Stewart would use. Everyone picked on the poor otter, in that game of truth or dare. He remembered getting his face licked by Jacob and having to perform a two minute lap dance for Talia while wearing the wolf's bra. Embarrassing would be a better word for it, at least for Stewart, anyway.

Sill, the otter had to admit, it was fun. So when Stacey proposed one last game, the otter agreed with only a little convincing. It seemed appropriate that they should part as they met; with a game of truth or dare.

They kept the rules the same: the player who tells a truth or performed a dare picks the next player; no asking for truth more than twice in a row and if anyone refuses to tell a truth or do a dare they have to perform a difficult dare made by the whole group as penalty.

Stewart added one more. “No repeating dares that have already been done,” he said, remembering the embarrassments of the previous games. “In this game or the last.”

“Sounds good to me,” Sierra agreed. “I have much better ideas this time around, anyway.”

They sat in a circle on the floor and Sierra kicked things off, “Jacob, truth or dare”. The lion chose truth and, disappointed, Sierra asked for the most embarrassing thing he had done when drunk. Things continued with relatively innocuous questions and easy dares for a few rounds but, after a couple more drinks, things started to get interesting.

Having completed a dare to scull a mixture of everyone's drink; it was Sierra's turn to ask the question. The lioness looked at Stewart with an evil grin and asked him, “truth or dare?”

The otter had picked truth for his last two turns so he had no choice but to do her dare.

“Kiss everyone here for thirty seconds and tell us who has the worst breath.” The dare wasn't nearly as bad as Stewart had thought it would be. It was even pleasant for the most part. Sierra dominated him with her tongue and Talia was just as passionate but things felt kind of awkward when he got to Stacey. He had only just gotten comfortable with the idea of them being just friends and the kiss was bringing up feelings that he had worked so hard to put to rest.

As difficult as kissing his ex was, Jacob was the real challenge, and the reason why Sierra chose the dare in the first place. Stewart was a little homophobic and the kiss with the lion was disconcertingly pleasant. The otter would have liked to say that Jacob's breath was the worst but it wasn't and he had to tell the truth.

“It's definitely you, Sierra,” Stewart said when he was done. The lioness's breath was thick with the smell of meat and the taste would have revolted him if Sierra hadn't been such a great kisser.

“I guess you prefer Jacob then,” Sierra taunted.

Stewart would get her back for that. He fired the question straight back to her and the lioness picked dare.

“Kiss Talia, with tongue, for two minutes,” he said.

Jacob grinned with approval and leaned in as his girlfriend turned to the wolf. The boys were not disappointed. It was deep and passionate with touching and even some dry humping. When it was over, Sierra licked her teeth and looked around the circle for her next victim. She knew that Stewart could tell two more truths before he had to do another dare so her glance passed straight through him this time. The lioness's glance rested on the wolf, “Talia, truth or dare?”

As cautious of Sierra's dares as everyone else, Talia chose truth.

Truth was usually Sierra's least favorite part of the game but her smile was as mischievous as the one she wore before giving some of her worst dares. “Have you ever eaten someone?”

Stewart choked on his soda. The question surprised everyone, but him most of all. He'd never heard a question about predation spoken so casually. In fact, he had never heard a question about predation spoken at all. Surely no one in the developed world did that sort of thing. Not any more.

But Talia didn't deny it. Her cheeks went red under her grey fur and her ears fell back with embarrassment. She hesitated for a long moment but soon the undivided attention of her friends became unbearable. Ashamed, she nodded.

Seeing the wolf's discomfort, Jacob was quick to reassure her. “Don't feel bad Talia. All predators do it, we just don't talk about it, usually,” he said. “It's only natural.”

“It really isn't that big of a deal,” Sierra added. “I get the urge all the time, we all do. There's nothing wrong with acting on it occasionally.”

Stewart couldn't believe what he was hearing. “What do you mean it's not a big deal?!”

Sierra looked down at the otter in a very patronizing way. “It takes an enormous amount of self control to suppress your natural instincts. Sometimes we get overwhelmed,” she said. “In fact, if there hadn't been a thirty second time limit on our kiss I might have accidentally eaten you there and then. It's happened before.”

“That's what happened to me,” said Talia, encouraged by the support of her friends. “I was making out with a bunny named Ben and my instincts took over. Before I realized what I had done, he was gone and I suddenly felt full.”

“Wait a minute,” said Sierra. “Are you talking about the PINK bunny from freshman year?”

Talia nodded and everyone laughed.

“I thought he was gay,” said Jacob.

“I guess he's a brown bunny now,” Sierra joked.

Shocked and disturbed by the things his friends were saying, Stewart looked to the only other non-predator in the room, but the skunk laughed right along with the rest of them.

“You know about this, Stacey?” he asked incredulously.

“Of course,” she replied. “Talia and I share everything about each other.”

“And nobody told me,” said Stewart. “After all the years we've known each other.”

“It's not something you tell a non-predator,” said Talia defensively. “They usually don't understand.”

The game continued before Stewart had the chance to properly process the information. After her story about the pink bunny, it was Talia's turn. She asked Jacob and he chose truth again.

Talia thought for a while and finally settled on a question about the lion's girlfriend. “Has Sierra ever tried to eat you?”

Jacob laughed. It was hard to imagine anyone trying to eat someone as large and muscular as he, but he smiled and nodded. “The first time we had sex.”

“I was just kidding around,” said Sierra defensively. It was one of the few times they saw the lioness embarrassed. “Let's just get on with it, okay. It's your turn Jacob.”

He picked Stacey and she chose truth. Taking cues from Talia's question, he asked the best friend a question about the wolf. “Tell us something embarrassing about Talia that we might not already know?”

Stacey looked at the wolf, her eyes asking permission to say what they were both thinking. “They asked. I've got to tell them.”

“Fine,” said Talia, fidgeting nervously.

“Well, ever since we all met four year ago,” she began but hesitated, still not sure if she should be revealing her best friend's secret, but she went on. “Ever since then, Talia's always wanted to eat Stewart.”

“WHAT?!” was all Stewart could say.

“I knew it,” said Sierra. “She's always drooling whenever he's around.”

“Yeah, it was pretty obvious,” said Jacob. “Stewart, I can't believe you hadn't realized until now, she's been sending you signals for years. You've got to learn to pick up on these things or you'll never know when a girl's interested.”

The otter was lost for words. It felt like he didn't really know these people at all. He moved his mouth to say something, anything, but nothing came out.

Everyone laughed. Stewart's reactions were always the funniest so he quickly became everyone's target again. When Stacey asked him “truth or dare,” Stewart picked truth and hoped that the skunk would change the subject, but she was as relentless as the rest.

“If you had to be eaten by someone in this room, who would it be and why?”

After everything he'd heard so far, Stewart really didn't want to answer that, but he had to or they would all come up with a dare for him. He could only imagine how bad that would be with Sierra involved, so he thought about it a while.

Stewart didn't want to encourage Talia or Sierra after they had both expressed a desire to eat him so he said, “Stacey, because I don't think she'd enjoy it as much as the rest of you might.”

“Oh, come off it, Stewart,” said Sierra. “We all know that you just want to get back inside your ex.”

It wasn't true in any way but Stacey blushed at the implication. Stewart ignored Sierra's comment and picked Talia. For the second time in a row, the wolf picked truth.

Desperately wanting to change the subject, Stewart asked the most generic and innocuous question he could think of. “What's the worst birthday gift you've received and who gave it to you?”

The otter was surprised when Talia refused to answer and even more so at how much the question offended the wolf. “That's a really mean thing to say,” she said. “It's the thought that counts. Calling people out for the presents they give, that's just wrong.”

“Yeah, dude, that's messed up,” Jacob agreed. “How would you feel if we rubbished you for all the time and effort you put into our gifts?”

Stewart felt terrible. He didn't mean anything by it, and he didn't even care about the answer. It was the first thing that popped into his head and he didn't know it would get such a strong reaction. The otter apologized profusely and offered to ask a different question but Sierra cut him off.

“No you don't,” she said. “The rules are that if she refuses a truth we get to think of a dare as penalty.”

“I've got one!” Stacey exclaimed with excitement. She whispered her idea into Sierra's ear and the lioness's lips twisted into her most evil smile. Sierra passed the idea on to her boyfriend and he chuckled and nodded but the idea never made it to Stewart. That hurt because Stewart had been the asker and it wasn't fair that he didn't get a say in it, but the otter felt too guilty to say anything about it.

“We've decided,” Sierra announced. “As penalty for refusing to answer Stewart's question, you have to eat him.”

“WHAT?!” Stewart said for a second time that night. “She can't do that,” the otter's mind raced with all the reasons why but the one that came out of mouth was, “It's her dare, not mine.”

“Oh, don't be such a prude. You don't have to do anything,” said Sierra. “Talia will be doing all the work.”

The wolf drooled with excitement but she restrained herself, “I don't know …” “You can't back out of this one, Talia,” said Sierra. “That's the rules.”

This seemed to convince her. Stewart inched away from the wolf and glanced at each of his friends pleadingly, but they were all in agreement on the dare. “C'mon, guys, this isn't funny,” he said, getting to his feet. “You can't do this.”

“Do you need me to hold him, Talia,” Jacob offered, grabbing the otter before he could leave the room.

“Take his cloths off first,” said Sierra. “Or they'll give you cramps when they go through your intestines.”

Swarming like vultures to carrion, the otter's long time friends tore every piece of clothing from his body. Tears trickled down Stewart's face but his friends only laughed. “Oh my god, he's actually crying.”

Sierra looked down at the naked otter's crotch and said to Stacey, “Wow, you didn't tell us he was so big. It's too bad that Talia always swallows.”

Jacob grabbed Stewart by the feet and lifted him clear off the ground. Suddenly upside down the otter panicked and thrashed wildly against Jacob's firm grip. “Grab his hands,” said the lion as he tightly held the legs together.

Stacey and Sierra grabbed one hand each and pressed them into the otter's sides so that he could only wriggle helplessly like a worm in space. Talia got to her knees so that her face was level with Stewarts.

The wolf drooled uncontrollably onto the carpet as Stewart looked into her eyes. They weren't the eyes of the Talia he knew. The kindness he recognized in the eyes of his friend had evaporated and all that was left were the instincts and urges of a predator.

Their eyes met only briefly before the otter's view was obscured by the widening of the wolf's black lips. Soon the only thing the otter could see was the wolf's gaping throat, slick with saliva and pulsing with anticipation. The terrifying sight was enough to make the otter scream but, before he got the change, his head was encased with hot wet darkness.

Talia sucked the otter's head to the back of her throat as he struggled against everyone's combined grip. Jacob steadily lowered the otter in as the wolf sucked him down like a giant noodle. Talia relaxed her esophagus to ease the passing and soon the wolf reached the otter's waist. With Stewart's arms pinned uselessly to his trunk Stacey and Sierra let go of his hands and watched them flap futilely before Talia's jaws wrapped around them.

Talia licked the otters cock as it entered her mouth and sucked until she could taste him cum before swallowing. After that, the otter's body relaxed for a while. He didn't recover until Talia's mouth began wrapping around his feet and, by then, there was nothing left for him to do. One weak flick of the foot was the last resistance the otter could offer before the wolf finished him off. She swallowed him down and gave a few extra gulps to help him on his way.

Talia's belly filled out and she burped triumphantly to the jubilation of her friends. Stacey poked the wolf's swollen belly to feel the hard lump of her ex boyfriend. The skunk squealed with glee as the lump squirmed in response. “He's still alive in there,” she said in amused surprise.

“Of course he is,” said Sierra. “They can last for hours in there and otters can hold their breath for a long time. He'll probably be alive until he's completely digested.”

“Should we keep playing?” said Jacob. “I don't think we can top this.”

But Talia wasn't ready to stop the game yet. It was her turn to ask and she had a question for Stacey that she needed an honest answer for. “One more round,” she said as she made herself comfortable on the living room floor. And so she picked her best friend and, thankfully, the skunk chose truth.

“Okay, Stacey, now tell me the truth and be completely honest,” said Talia. “Are you okay with me eating Stewart? You guys did go out for almost a year.”

Stacey thought about it carefully before answering. She didn't want to make her friend feel bad but she didn't want to lie to her either. She admitted, “I will miss him.” The skunk paused, trying to find the right words before continuing. “I'll miss him, but I would have missed him whether you ate him or not. He was going to be a marine biologist and all those jobs are overseas.”

“Well then it's a good thing Talia found a local position for him to fill,” Sierra couldn't help but interrupt. The joke did help ease the tension.

“But seriously,” Stacey went on. “I know how much this means to you and you're my best friend. I'm happy for you, Talia.”

Talia was touched. The two of best friends hugged and Sierra snickered as Stewart squirmed in protest while being squeezed between them.

“So, are we done now? The best part of this game is watching Stewart react, and he's not playing anymore,” said Seirra, poking Talia's belly.

“We can still play,” said Stacey. “Stewart's might not be playing but he's still part of the game. Besides, it's my turn. Talia, truth or dare?”

“You have to pick dare,” Sierra said with renewed enthusiasm. “You asked for truth two times in a row, and that last dare didn't count because it was a penalty.”

Stacey thought for a moment and clicked her fingers when she had an idea. “I've got a good one,” she said excitedly. “Talia, for the rest of the game, you have to pretend that you're pregnant.”

After the penalty dare, this was one of the best. Talia really got into it and everyone cracked up when she started telling them about her baby. “He's definitely a boy, feel how hard he kicks. I'd say he's due very soon but I think I'll have to give him up for adoption. The Porcelain family seems very interested in him; they're in the plumbing business. But between you and me, the way the economy is, I think the industry's going down the toilet.”

And so, once again, the game centered on humiliating Stewart. Though, technically the otter wasn't playing, the dares aimed at Talia clearly had him in mind.

For one dare, Jacob had noticed how Talia's belly flinched every time she took a sip of her beer so he dared the wolf to eat the leftover pizza in the fridge. For Talia, it was a very tame dare but Stewart made it very amusing to watch.

The wolf thoroughly masticated every bite before swallowing and her belly writhed with indignation every time. “Baby must be really hungry,” she said as Stewart squirmed.

A few truths later, Stacey dared Talia to do a belly dance. The wolf's swollen stomach rolled hypnotically with the momentum of weight within. Her belly gurgled and glorped with the sound of the otter's distressed cries and Talia had to burp out the excess air he was creating. When the performance ended the only movement the wolf could feel inside was an occasional spasm; even with the hardest of jabs.

By the time it came to Sierra's turn to ask, the content's of Talia's stomach had softened considerably so the lioness had to think of a dare that made the most of what was left. She dared Talia to burp in Stacey's face and wrestled the skunk to the ground to make things easier.

“Eww, it smells like rotten meat,” Stacey said with a priceless expression.

A few turns later, the alcohol ran out and the game fizzled out soon after that. Stacey rested her head on Talia's stomach like a pillow. It squished like a hot water bottle as the drunk skunk dozed in and out sleep.

Talia gently removed her best friend's head from her belly and gathered the empty bottles for the trash. Stacey went to bed and Talia offered the couch for Sierra and Jacob to crash on for the night.

“That's probably a good idea,” said Jacob. “You've just digested our designated driver.”

Stewart, obviously, spent the night as well, but the place Talia found for him was a lot less comfortable than the couch. In the morning, the friends went their separate ways. Sierra and Jacob eventually broke up but Stacey and Talia spent many years together, living in their new apartment.

Sierra went on to become a very successful lawyer; Jacob became a mechanical engineer; Stacey got a job in government; Talia fulfilled her childhood dream of becoming a doctor and Stewart floated out to sea along with everything else that got flushed down the toilet.

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