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by Joyous
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Ah, but to be. To think. To see. To feel. To be that what we are and nothing else.
The world comes now to a close
Quite against our beliefs and likenesses
The angry beast that now crows
Is not so easily seen

And we to be
To exist so small
And to strive, rarely to succeed, in our best
'Til such a time that nothing is left

Ah, but to be
To think. To see. To feel.
To be that what we are
And nothing else

Is there a better end?
Is there a greater challenge?

To think
To think together, yes
But not without eyes

To choose our own families
As close as we can
For all cannot think so clearly
As one of us can

To see
To see and not explain
'Tis a noble occupation
A pastime for minds to train

But to lose all understanding
All training and explanations
In a mighty battle of war
Only beauty stands victor

And her golden scepter of emotions
Held high
We in her radiance fall to our knees
And sigh

And feel
To feel with unreserve
To have such sensuality
A taboo in high society

But we sing
And in our songs
We show our entire capacity
Of love, and grief, and humanity

We have the potential to be all we dare
But our realization draws near - our song ends sooner
The world is ending like a beautiful aire
But for unachieved dreams, indeed 'tis a whimper
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