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Jeanie, a single parent, and her two daughters make a day of Christmas shopping.
They were so excited. Jeanie, Oliana and Katie had the whole day to do whatever they wanted. Jeanie scrimped and saved to take this trip. Katie was 15, she made good money babysitting, and wanted to shop for her family at the famed River Walk Mall. Oliana the baby, had earned a little from doing chores. Being 6, she had tooth money as well.

Jeanie made enough money to pay the bills, but extras came from a second job. All of them were giggling with made up fright. For adventure, they made the 80 mile trip from Hattiesburg, MS. To save money, and get exercise they parked in a poor part of the French Quarter, and braved the mean streets to the mall. Three helpless, giggling young women.

As they were nearing the River Walk Mall from the back, they came upon an ordinary wishing well. It was plain in structure, maybe the top had blown off the roof in the last storm. When all three of the girls got the fountain in focus, none of them hesitated to pull coins from pockets, even scraping the bottom of Mom's purse for coins.

Jeanie, Katie and Oliana stood, in a hushed silence. It was as if no one else existed but them, and the Jazz Band walking several blocks away. As they prepared to make wishes. Jeanie stopped them. "Girls, be careful what you wish for, whatever we wish for, will come true." They knew it was true.

About the wishes, and them coming true, Jeanie shares this, "Oliana wished that we would have the best Christmas with presents for everybody this year", it came true. Our family was chosen as an angel tree recipient, and we were given so much, our family was blessed bountifully.

Katie made her own Christmas wishes come true as bargain shopper of the day, She bought 7 items totaling $39.00, with a savings of almost $300.00. She did well and will not tell if that was her wish or not.

Jeanie has the memory of this day. It is magical and forever etched in her mind.
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