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My therapist (A PhD) read this to the class she taught. She said it best described MPD.

How do I explain
the way it feels
To be somewhere and not know..
How you got there..
or even where you are.
How it feels for someone to come up and talk to you
as if you have had intimate conversation in the past
Yet you don’t even remember them.
How it feels for someone to call you by a name
you don’t even recognize.
Suddenly you find yourself
lying on the floor with coloring books
and crayons surrounding you
and a childs writing scribbled across the page.
How do I explain it being
three hours later than I last remember,
with no memory of the lost time,
Or receiving a phone call from someone
who says you have met,  yet..
you don’t know them
How do I explain the horrific fears I have of;
…the dark
…the dentist
…being alone
…being with people
…loud noises
…complete silence
…being touched
…not being touched
…the fear
…of disappearing
…of not disappearing
…the overwhelming fear of making people angry at you
…being in your car
and not knowing how you got there
…or where you’ve been
Welcome to my world…
The world of Multiple Personality Disorder

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