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This is about a girl who has to make a big decision.
In the eighteen hundreds in a small country called Ylati that lies within Italy whose entrance can only be found by a cave in the dolomite mountains. The country is ruled by a king named Harold and his queen named Clairese.
In the dolomite mountains snow covers most of the land more often than not. The king desperately wanted to witness the seasons that were said to be, once the time for that particular season was to take place. But, still when that said season had come all the king could see when he looked out of a window to the world beyond him was the icy snow. The king wished greatly to see his two favorite seasons; summer and autumn, for he had only read about them in books that were writing by beings that have witness these wonders. The king would have ventured out years before had if he wasn’t afraid of the possibility of being killed while he was on his travel. The king had never went beyond the limits of the land of Ylati for when he was a mere boy he swore to his father that he would never step a foot onto land that wasn’t theirs. The king’s father feared that the beings of the world beyond had hatred toward their people because they thought their world wasn’t real and their people were just imitations of the Italian people. The Italians wanted to teach them a lesson they would never forget. So once when the king’s grandfather left Ylati for a short travel he was killed by one of the beings that loathed the Ylatians.
In 1867 the king and queen were giving twin daughters by the God that watched over them, the king knew just what they were to be named. The daughter that had sunny golden locks and immense oceans for eyes was to be named Summer. And the daughter that had nightfall colored tresses and astonishing olive tinted eyes was to be named Autumn. The king that once and still wished for the seasons of Summer and Autumn is now the father to them.

Years later when the king’s daughters where at the age of thirteen and well on their journey to adulthood, Summer asks her father if she can be allowed to go to the world beyond and venture out and explore. Summer’s question had puzzled her father for he did not know what to do. Spare his daughter’s life by forcing her not to live it or letting her live her life like she wishes knowing it’s possible it might be cut short by a cruel being from the world beyond. Finally he made his choice and he decided to let her set out on her journey when she turns twenty-one and not a day before. Summer was thrilled with this news and started planning ever since. Autumn on the other hand wasn’t much of an explorer and she was happy with exploring her own backyard for she did live in a castle so it was a vast backyard.
When the day came that Summer could finally explore the world she had falling in love with from books, she could hardly contain herself. The king, of course, wasn’t as sure about letting her venture out on her own as he was almost a decade ago, but still he let her leave. Of course he did have authorized his reliable wizard to, from a lack of a better word, spy on her daily from beyond with his mixture of potions. So the king would always be able to know what she was up to. Eventually the daily check-ups came rarer and rarer and they became into monthly check-ups eventually there weren’t any check-ups at all.
Summer had met a man on her travels that she thought was the famous love she had been waiting for every since she was old enough to yearn for one. She was convinced she was in love and no one could tell her otherwise. One night in a beautiful Italian villa Summer and her so called love of her life were on a romantic date that involved candled light dinner along with a lit fireplace, Summer revealed to her love that she was an Ylatian. It just so happen that her love was taught to despise the Ytalians and he brutally murdered Summer.
On a whim, the king decided to once again advise the wizard to perform a check-up on Summer. When the king found out that his daughter had been killed like his grandfather because of the same reason his grandfather had been for he went into a state of depression so abnormal, so bizarre that is made him devote his life to making a formula that beings today can’t create. The catch was that the only person that he would give it to was the only being most precious and close to his heart and that was his darling daughter Autumn.
Autumn had never really showed an interest in exploring the world beyond but she was coming into her own and in due time she was bound to want to venture out like her sister. But, if what the king had created fulfilled its reason for its creation she would not end up like her sister. So after a countless amount of days and manual labor in the king’s part, one night when Autumn is sleeping soundly in her chamber he enters and makes her drink the formula so there isn’t any more in the bottle. The formula shall make her years never to grow old, her skin never to age, and her body never to die. The formula has given her immortality. The only other bottle of this powerful formula was buried with his dearest Summer with the hope of some how she would awaken and drink.
The next day the king dies and Autumn is left to rule the land. Autumn realizes that if she chooses to stay and rule she will never get out of Ylati. Autumn and the her mother, the queen, make a kind of treaty that Autumn will have one year to explore and travel then she will come back and decide if she wants to rule or continue to live in the world beyond. If she chooses to stay in the world beyond she still must come back and choose an unrelated heir to the throne when the queen dies.

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