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Aim: Plant More And More Trees.

[Tomorrow is the B’day of one of the son of his parents ; every year, means every time he use to do different things and activities on his B’day.So he just thinking that what should he do in his 12th B’day?”””

He saw her mother working in the kitchen;

He went there]

Son: [feeling awful] Mom what is this? So much dust and oil fumes, what is going on?

Mother: This is nothing son, everyday I used to do this.

So, tell me what were you saying?

Son: Mom as you know that tomorrow is my B’day so I want to do something new, something different on my B’day, so please help me what should I do on my B’day?

Mother: Oh! Yes tomorrow is your B’day, so you want to do meansssssss wat……….????????

Son,  I think you should ask your brother and sister.

Here they are. Playing outside there. Go and ask.

[ Son in the playground]

Son: Oh! Nothing is here; only and only dust and nothing. Oh! God how they are playing in this hot chilly weather.

[Went to brother] Brother! Brother! Wait,


Tomorrow is my B’day, so please tell me what new thing should I do on my B’day?

Brother: Listen, small boy that skill should be of yours. So do whatever u like, or may be you can ask from your sister. O.k go now!

[Son went to her sister]

Son: Hash! Here too; No greenery, No clouds only dust


[calling sister]

Sister! Sister! Are you there? I want to ask you something.

Sister: Ya bro.! tell me what do you want to ask?

Son: Sister! Tell me na, some idea, What will I do on my B’day? Any new activity or task different from I use to do it on my every B’day.

Sister: ammmmmmm

Sorry bro. No idea!

I think you should ask to father. He will advise you that what should you do on your B’day?

Son: O.k, thanx!

[His Father is a Doctor. The son went hospital to ask him about his B’day. There he saw some were laying on beds, some were using mask to breathe, and his father himself.]

{Son in the Father cabinet}

Son: Hi! Dad, what’s going on?

Father : Hey son, why u have come? Any reason?

Son: Dad, I just want to ask you that what I will do on my B’day; as every year I use to do different things.

Father: Son, wait, now first we should depart.

[Outside the house, father is asking?]

Son, ya now tell me what were you saying??????

Son [Thinking: My mother, my brother, my sister and father too, wherever I went out I found nothing but only those unpleasant things]

Father, Nothing.

[Son rushed inside the house, and called out everyone- mother, father, sister, brother]

Son: Mom, Dad now I  knew that what I have to do on my B’day?

Father: Oh! Really, What son?

Son: I have decided that I am going to plant 12 trees, as I am going to be a 12 yrs. Old boy.

Is it Great! Dad!

All: [Bro. Sis., father & mother]

That’s really nice.

You must plant trees.

Son: Ya Dad, on tomorrow there are 12 new plants are going to germinate, with my 12th B’day. So, it will be very cheerful & memorable day for me.

                          Save the environment by planting trees.

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