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by brom21
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Follow young Johnathan as he is whisked away into the realm of heaven and other worlds.
It was Christmas Eve and young Johnathan was entranced as he stared through his window at the beautiful array of stars that twinkled like diamonds . He didn't blink happy in his own imagination. Year after year he would stare at them in anxious excitement. He would wish for something that he had wished for since his earliest remembered Christmas. His dream was to go the place where the stars made their home in the dark sky. He was tired of presents every year and knew there was more. He wanted something meaningful; something he would treasure and never forget.

"Is there anyway to get where they are?" he whispered with his elbows on his open window sill. Johnathan was sleepy and it was time for him to lay down. He gave a sigh and was about to shut his window and lay down when he saw something curious. A star was flickering and appeared to expand and move. It grew brighter as it descended from the sky.

With wide eyes and a racing heart, he called his mother. "Mom, mom! Come here! Something's in the sky!"

"Okay Johnathan;I hear you," she replied with no happiness. She trudged up the stairs to his room.

"Up there! Look," he exclaimed while pointing.

His mother walked towards Johnathan's window. "Son, I know how much you like to make believe, but it's past your bedtime,"she said sternly.

"But, mom, can't you see it!" he asked baffled.

"Johnathan, that's enough. The sooner you go to bed, the sooner you'll wake up to presents. Lay down."

The star was moving closer to his house and Johnathan didn't understand his mother's reaction. She frowned impatiently, marched to the window, closed it and shut two drapes decked with glow in the dark stars. Johnathan's mother took his hand and showed him to bed. Without a word, she closed the door after her. His heart and mind still raced. He listened for his mother to walk down the stairs then ripped of his covers to open his window and was full of wonder at the sight. The bright object was man-like from Johnathan's view and was coming closer to him. A shining being gracefully came to Johnathan and spoke with a gentle voice.

"Hello blessed child. My name is Trophimus. I have come to grant you the wish you desire. I am an angel from heaven and you are highly favored. It is for this reason that I have come to you",the magnificent angel spoke.

Johnathan's whole room was illuminated with Trophimus' brightness and the fortunate child was filled with joy mingled with fear at his presence. Johnathan was speechless. A man in a long white robe with a cross medallion on his neck was before him. A golden crest with twelve different gemstones engraved into it burned with various colors. His hair was like wool hanging down to his shoulders. The angel's eyes was like a glowing ocean and his feet and hands were like burnished gold.

"Come, take my hand and I will show you the wonders of the heavens."

The peace in Trophimus eyes put trust in the boy's heart. Trophimus took his hand gently and Johnathan was filled with a wonderful feeling. He lifted off the floor, through the window with the angel leading. Johnathan smiled with tears of joy as he flew higher. He admired the tops of the buildings that looked like a maze of blocks and dominoes from above. Surrounded by clouds he was invigorated, and inhaled the moisture that cooled his face with pleasant dew.

The clouds now floated below as the angel took him farther from earth. They were passing the stratosphere into space. In a flash of light Johnathan was met by a myriad of angels on what appeared to be a blue glowing surface of glass. His heart throbbed with elation. It was beyond words or anything he could have imagined.

"Wow. Am I dreaming?"Johnathan was overwhelmed. "It's like being on a floating castle,"he said taking in the magnificent architecture of pillars , archways, doors, and pathways-all glowing like burnished silver. The whole structure hovered over a blanket of clouds rumbling with fire and lightning.

"This is the celestial temple. The abode of the heavenly hosts of God."Trophimus explained.

Johnathan was enraptured. He scanned the temple in awe until he saw a door engraved with stars and planets made of crystal.

"That door. Wow! What's inside of it?"he said.

Trophimus smiled at the boy and spoke. "It leads to another world, very much like your own. But there is much more to be explored in the temple. Come, I have something to show you."

Johnathan followed Trophimus and looked at the multitude of angels. Some moved up and down a spiraling staircase that descended into what looked like a shimmering lake that reflected a beautiful cathedral. It was in a grove filled with golden sunlight.

He looked in the direction where he was walked. They approached an altar of brass with blue flame that burned on it's surface. At the base of the altar, there were four molded creatures. They looked like winged lions with two horns and each had a crown that burned with red stones.

"This altar burns with the prayers and wishes of children. When you wished to explore the stars, your heart and soul were more earnest and innocent than any other child's. So powerful was your prayer that the flames suddenly burst upward.

Come closer",said Trophimus beckoning with his hand.

Johnathan didn't know what to do until he pulled himself out of the trance. Then simply obeyed.

"Put your hand over the flames."

"Won't I get burned?" Johnathan saw the peace in Trophimus' eyes that returned trust to the boy. As he put his hand over the altar, he saw many children's minds along with their thoughts and wishes. He didn't understand what he did but he just seemed to know. Johnathan withdrew his hand.

"We must make haste before your sun is risen. There is still a little more I have to show you," the angel said.

"Johnathan,"he said as he stopped and looked sternly at Johnathan. "For what I'm going to show you next, you must be brave and trust me," he said as he put his hands on Johnathan's shoulders.

"Why? Is it something bad?"

"For someone like your mom it would be bad-even overwhelming-but your innocence and faith will protect your mind from what you're about to witness. I will be with you too."

The shining angel lead him to another door. There was something ominous about it. It did not shine like the rest of the temple. It was made of solid granite that was dark and plain.

"Hold my hand," said Trophimus.

The door cracked open. Yelling mixed with thunder and clashing metal erupted in Johnathan's ears. It grew louder and what was behind the door started to come into view.

"I..I..I..don't know. It looks scary,"Johnathan stuttered.

"Johnathan," the angel spoke with gentleness and peace.

He pulled away and looked into the shinning face of Trophimus. Fear left him and he felt calm. The door opened wider and they walked through. It was more powerful and compelling than anything he had seen. It was horrific! Angels. Countless angels riding flying chariots and wielding swords of flame. They all yelled with voices like trumpets. The chariots rushed with echoing thunder. The pandemonium of shinning warriors lit up the darkness. The warfare was rapid as swords flashed back and forth, sending out lightening as they clashed. Johnathan and Trophimus were floating.

"This is where spiritual wars happen. We gain power from the prayers of the faithful. But the world is full of darkness and we are losing the battle for Earth."

"You mean the bad guys are winning?",he said frowning with dismay in his eyes that sparkled with innocence.

"It would seem that way dear child,"the angel said as he knelt and put his hands on the wary child's shoulders. "Remember though; this is just one scene in a bigger story where everything has been written. God will have won in the end even with this horrible fighting you have seen. Do you understand?"

"I...I...I think so." Johnathan's could here the timidity in his own voice and he trembled.

"Let us depart then",Trophimus said at last.

Johnathan sighed as they turned around and went back through the door away from the violence. They were on the beautiful glowing glass and Johnathan spoke. "Why did you make me watch that?", he said.

"Just like seeing the good things in life you must also go through the bad times,"the angel spoke. "There is one more place I have to show you. Remember asking me about the glass door that I said leads to another world?"

"Oh yeah! Are we going to go there!?"

"Yes. We'll go together. We must not tarry too long there though. Your mother will expect you to be home in the morning to unwrap your gifts. Come now."

They hurried to the door that seemed more and more beautiful as Johnathan looked at it. Trophimus waved his hand and it started to open. It sounded like singing wind chimes to Johnathan. A serene forest with leaves of gold appeared. The sun was like a blue diamond that shone with a peacefulness.

He stared at a formation of flying creatures in the sky with indelible amazement. "Are those dragons!?"

"Yes they are. Those bird-like lions under that tree are called griffins. There are many animals and things here that are not on Earth."

"Why not?"

"This a world without sin or wickedness. It is perfect. Earth was like this. When the first humans sinned in a place called Eden extinction happened. Over time sickness and death destroyed them all."

"That's sad. Can I bring one home with me!?,"he said jubilantly with anxious expectation.

Trophimus laughed. "No, dear one. Will a ride on the back of a dragon be enough?"

"Really!" Johnathan's face lit up with a wonderful smile. "That one right there,"he said as he pointed.

Words couldn't have described how he felt as he gripped it's horns flying through the wind with unbridled joy. As he beheld the wonders of this fairytale world, time passed quickly-somehow he knew that he would one day live forever in a place like this. It may be far off, but he believed in his heart that he would one day call heaven his home. The dragon landed, and he dismounted, Johnathan knew it was almost time to go home. There was so much he wanted to see but time was short.

"Johnathan,"Trophimus said.

He looked down at the ground. "I know. I won't forget you Trophimus. I know I'll see you again,"he said with a fleeting tranquility that glared in his eyes

The two joined hands again and the rumbling clouds bellow parted to let them descend . A bright light flashed and he suddenly saw the Earth beneath. They floated down through beautiful clouds of pink, red, and purple hues made by the rising sun. They approached his window and he entered. It was time for the final goodbye.

"You are beloved by God and you will grow to be a righteous, prosperous and influential man. That's all I can say. Enjoy your Christmas favored child. Goodbye."

"Goodbye Trophimus. I wish I could have stayed longer,"Johnathan said.

The same way he came to him, the same way Trophimus left. The angel hovered, then slowly soared up and away towards his heavenly abode to the rest of the angels until he fainted out of view.

What else did I not see? Will I ever visit heaven again? Will I remember this when I'm older? Would anyone believe me if I told them?Johnathan mused over these things. He felt thanks in his heart and knew that he had received the greatest gift he would ever get.

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