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by Jesse
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I have to decide..
It was like they have seen a ghost.. They all stared at me like I was from another planet and I was green. The new information came like from nowhere for them. I was not expected to know so much. All their faces seemed to say “You are next.. You wanted it.. You asked for it!”. Still standing up, they started to leave, one by one. The single person that remained in the room was an old lady.

When she started talking I was shocked. Her voice was young and loud. “Don’t be scared”, she said, “It is only a matter of time before you will find out the truth. Then you will bring happiness and peace to this horrible town. I am here to help you if you are in need, even with wiccan knowledge”, and she left.

I didn’t know what to say, why she said that, what to believe, it was more like I was trapped inside a box with no possible way of getting out. I said to myself that I have to resolve the case and I went to The Inn. The villagers had already gone through my stuff, the room was upside down. Thank God I had everything referring to the case with me all the time. I wanted to believe that I could do more, that I could solve this. It was difficult for me to accept that they could actually do something to me, more or less because someone would surely be sent to find me if I didn’t report weekly to my superior.

So I went to see the old lady. She was expecting me with a hot cup of tea and some old stories that should help me. One was about the building of the town, about 150 years from now, by a powerful witch. She raised it from dust with a ritual. After this, for her to be remembered, the 13 stones appeared at her burial site. She was the thirteenth witch born in Salem.

“This was only one of the stories that are heard around these parts. Another important one is that of one unknown man that came on these lands and called the four Quarters (the four elements of nature). He needed to hide from a very powerful demon (a Haakai demon) and wanted guidance. The spirit that guarded the elements helped him and raised the town from beneath the ground. He became the Priest and every man and woman that came there found a place to stay and comfort. When the town was full of people, he called a meeting and proposed a deal. They had to agree with the establishing of a congregation that will give the name of the town and that will keep them away from harm and with a happy life. He didn’t tell them how this could be possible. His old mistake, from which the spirit Suo kept him away, was to be made again. He called Aka Manah ( the demon of evil intention, also a Haakai) to make the pact. He sold his soul and the souls of the villagers, without them knowing about this. The town was called “The Name of the Rose” from Aka Manah orders. The villagers were doomed to live forever, never leave town and to forget who did this to them. So, the mysterious man disappeared in thin air one day and was never to be seen again. The name in the papers you found in that woman’s room were fictional, made up by her to cover the real history of this damned town. She knew everything and wanted to lift the curse, for she was a very powerful witch. But Aka Manah found out and sent someone to get rid of her. You have some answers now, the rest is in your hands. You have to think well what you should do after this, but think quickly, me or you, we could be next..”, Loretta, the old lady, told me.

What should I do.. What will happen if I choose a path.. Who should be blamed.. How can I save them all..

To be continued..

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