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Rated: E · Fiction · Children's · #1735497
7 little kittens see snow then Christmas. Cute little story
Mean of Christmas!

Dianna was looking out the window as the snow fell outside. She was a cute baby pink kitten with a very lit violet nose.

Chubs, a small brown kitten, his name being chubs for a very good reason. "Whacha lookin at Dianna?" he asked looking up at her on the windowsill.

"The white frosting outside." she answered back with a huge smile, her tail wagging in excitement.

"Frosting? Does that mean there’s cake?" Chubs was now excited.

Suddenly another small kitten came running by, this one ten. "Cake? Where?" he was jumping a around looking for it.

"Not in here Smiles," Dianna spoke, "Outside...look." Smiles jumped up to look, his eyes shining big at the sight.

"Nola! Come look at the white frosting outside!" Smiles called out.

Laying on a blue beanbag was a small orange kitten; she opened her eyes to see Smiles calling for her from the window.

"That’s not frosting...its snow." she yawned and went back to sleep.

"Snow?" Both Dianna and Smiles gasped in shock, what was snow? This frosting?

Chubs laughed a little, "Oh, well, frosting, snow, it’s still white, and I bet it still tastes good."

"I wonder why it’s snowing?" Blackheart, a small black kitten asked walking over to the others; a small orange tiger-striped kitten walking next to him.

"Do you think the sky is depressed?" the tiger striped kitten asked.

"Don't be silly Samel..." Chubs remarked with a face.

"I bet Kofu knows." Dianna smiled. "Kofu!" she called out. A gray kitten appeared soon enough from behind a rocking-chair."Kofu, why is the sky snowing?" Dianna asked.

Kofu yawned a bit and scratched his ear. "You mean you guys have never seen snow before?" all of them shook their head.

"Well its winter, it like rain, but it freezes, so its snow."

"But why?" Blackheart now asked.

"Its December...it’s almost Christmas." Kofu answered.

All of them looked at him oddly. "What's that?" Chubs questioned.

Kofu blinked a moment and then smiled. "You mean you never heard of Christmas?"

Nola slowly walked up beside Kofu, "That’s right, they never had a family in the past that celebrated the Holiday, so they wouldn't know like us." she said looking at Kofu.

Kofu nodded with a smile and looked back up at the other kittens on the window-seal.

"Well Christmas is a very special holiday, it’s when people all around the world give to others with the kindness in their heart, and there is even a big fat man who flies in a big red sled with reindeer and gives all the good kids of the earth gifts."

Dianna jumped off the windowsill with joy, "Hay, do you think that man will give us something?"

Kofu grinned, "Sure...maybe."

Chubs jumped down next, "Hey, I think I saw some red things in a box up in the attic with the words x-mas. Come on lets go see what all we can find in it."

Chubs lead the way to the attic and pulled the string that was hanging all the way down from the cilling to the floor and watched the latter fold down for them to reach.

Climbing up they soon found the box. "Look! There is a hat in here." Smiles said lifting his head up with a Santa hat on his head coving half his face where he could only see with one eye.

Dianna climbed into the box, and pop up with a Santa hat of her own, but this one more of a female Santa hat.

"I want a hat!" Blackheart began digging into the box, she soon pulled out a bell and put it over her neck. "Look what I found!"

Nola looked into the box and slipped on a pair of antlers.

"What are those?" Chubs asked looking at her.

"I'm a reindeer." she grinned.

"I want to be a reindeer too!" he exclaimed and began digging for a pair of his own, which he found shortly.

Samel stuck his head in the box and come up with a red noise that began to blink. A look for confusion on his face as he crossed his eyes to see it. the others began to laugh.

"Hey, come here guys." Kofu began getting of their attention. Gathering around they saw Kofu had found a Christmas book. "We can learn everything about Christmas from this." he smiled.

After looking though the book, Dianna seemed to beam as something seemed to come to her. "I got an idea! Let’s put on a play!"

the others nodded and soon where down stares with all they needed; a small red shoe box for a sled and green string for rains. Dianna sat in the box sled, Nola, Blackheart, Samel, and Chubs where the reindeer, Samel being Rudolph. And Kofu and Smiles as the elves, both wearing a green hat with a bell.

"On Dasher! On Disher, and Ralph! Dash away all!" Dianna cheered.

"I thought I was Rudolph..." Samel spoke confused at the name Dianna just said.

"You are Rudolph, Dianna just can't say it right." Nola corrected. Dianna gave a pouting face at that statement.

"Whatever, just mush." She called, and the others gave a laugh as they started to walk pulling Dianna and the box with them.

"YA! Presents to all the kittens of the world!" Dianna cheered.

Smiles then jumped into the box with Dianna, but once he did the others stopped.

"Hey! No fair! I want a ride!" Bleackheart slipped out of the string on her collar and jumped into the box.

"Hey, we can't pull all of you...I thought we were taking turns." Nola snapped.

"We, are, and it’s my turn." Smiles grinned.

"Get off!" Blackheart yelled pushing Smiles off.

"I had it first!" Dianna cried.

Nola and Kofu gave a sigh. "I should have seen this coming." was all Kofu could say.

Suddenly, all stopped as they heard the front door open.

"Master is home!" they all ran up the young brown haired boy and meowed wanting to be picked up.

"Hey guys." he smiled. "Mom and Dad are going to put up the tree, wont that be great?" he then picked up Chubs first as he walked over to the couch. Sitting, the others jumped up on him, meowing and purring the whole while.

"I see you guys are just as excited about Christmas too." he grinned seeing the hats and antlers.

"Tonight I'll tell you all about Christmas." Just that promise alone the kittens never left his side.

As night fell and the kittens laid on their owners lap, he began to tell them the true meaning of Christmas. How a baby was born that the world would call king, and how he brought hope and love with him. How the holiday brings people together, and even some of the sad things, like people with no family. A time all can be forgiven, and wrongs made right.

Each kitten listened and each one hugged the other with a saying of sorry and love.

It was this day the kittens would never forget, and would always celebrate, for as long as they could remember.
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