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Katarina's curiousity puts her in peril 11.21.10 Flash Fiction
Katarina peeked around the corner to watch Matilda’s progress up the steep stairs. Her long silver braid swung like a clock’s pendulum as she labored upwards. At last Katarina would find out what was behind the locked and forbidden attic door.

When the footsteps stopped, Katarina heard the key scratch against the metal lock followed by the screech of the door opening, then closing. She heard no sound of the door being relocked. Now with the candle’s flame behind the attic door, Katarina realized she would have to climb the stairs in the dark. It was just by chance she had spied the old woman. She decided her curiosity was stronger than her fear.

She climbed blindly upwards keeping her left hand on the wall. Why hadn’t she thought to count the landings? When she got to the fourth landing, she stopped to catch her breath. Bending over with her hands on her knees, she felt a movement of air. A sudden cracking sound seemed to bounce around inside her head. Like lightening following thunder, she saw flashes of light exploding behind her eyes. Tears flowed as the pain registered. Only when she began to flail her arms as she struggled for balance did she realize she’d been hit by the door as it opened.

Time seemed suspended with the sickening knowledge she had lost her battle with gravity. Her backward fall abruptly stopped as her jeans dug into her waist. She felt unseen hands clutching her belt. Somewhere in the darkness above her Sister Matilda said, “Seems you’ve forgotten how dangerous curiosity can be, Kat.”

Word count 266

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