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about a boy and girl growing up together and falling in love, complete opposites though.
Nick:(whispered) Lill!...lilly!! (she keeps staring spacely Nick begins to show aggravation and yells) LILLY!!!!
(whole class giggles. Nick looks around embarrassed Lilly finally comes back)

Lilly:(dazzed look and a bit confused) hmmm what? sorry

Nick: You scare me when you do that!.....(pause for a few seconds) are you ok?

Lilly: (sighs) yep!

Nick: (has that oh really now look) uh huh! now tell me whats really bothering you...

Lilly: (sad look in eyes) do you think I'm...(stutters a little)...pretty?

Nick: (shocked look) Lill, I have known you since we were in diapers, I'll always think your pretty your my best friend.

Lilly: i know but, you have gone out with girls that look like Pamela Anderson, and I've never even had a boyfriend. (looks away) Its just, your so much more better than I am.

Nick: (exasperated voice) LIKE WHAT!?

Lilly: (looks at nick with the DUH look) Well for starters you have a life, we barely hang out anymore, second you've had how many girlfriends this year oh yea....7!, and your were voted best looking and best smile and best personality for senior yearbook, and i got voted most likely to stay in this town and amount to nothing.

Nick: (sarcasm) Well I don't see how that is possible when thats not even a catagory! (smiles like a dork)

Lilly: (laughs) I swear if you weren't the most wonderful person I would have killed you already.

Nick: (laughs then suddenly gets serious, talks sincerely)....Lill...your my best friend, and I will always be here, and I love you more than you'll ever know. So yes you are beautiful, and funny, and smart, and just about the most wonderful I will ever meet.

(bell rings for end of class)

Lilly: (picks up bag and books) thank you nick....(hugs him and walks away smiling)

(nick stands there for a minute with an almost worried look then smiles and runs after lilly)

Nick: (shouting) LILLY...LILL! WAIT UP!!!...

(lilly stops waiting patiently, Nick starts running towards her and stops right in front of her)

Lilly: (scared but nervous look on her face) what um...is it nick???

Nick:(puts hand on lillys cheek) I dont just love you as a friend, I think I'm in love with you.

(lilly shocked about to speak until a random girl walks over to nick and turns him around)

Girl:(yelling) NICK! you were supposed to meet me this morning!!!

Nick: (quizical look) Umm Julie we broke up last night and i told you that.

Girl: (even more mad) and i told you i didnt care what you wanted and.......

(nick interupts girl by walking away seeing that lilly is walking away)

Nick: (grabs lilly and spins her around in his arms speaking in a romantic voice) I wasnt done.

(suddenly nick kisses lilly. They stand there kissing for a couple seconds. They pull apart and they both looked dazed.)

Lilly:(whispers into nicks lips) i love you too

Nick: (smiles) i know.......

(scene ends {/center}{/left}with them laughing and kissing lights fade out curtains close)

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