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A moment in the life on an Empath, someone who takes upon the emotions of others.
'Date: Another Day
Time: 11:30pm

Once I leave this room, I am never to return. It is safe to assume that I am seen to be the fool doing as I am and walking the path to my own mortal end. I pray that this recollection of events reaches you...You, the one I choose to save yet our lives never crossed and now, as I understood when I awoke this morning, never will. I will never know my answer but I feel the need to approach the subject, we have never met...yet I have known you all my life. Can you feel this now you can read the words I have written?

At first, I needed an outlet for fledgling emotions so wild in their youth...so I wrote this diary of sorts and now it is more than a simple ream of information I collected with each passing day, its proof of my existence. Physical proof that these thoughts passed through my mind and that I actually existed!

Once I leave this room, I am never to return. I must keep reminding myself to keep the baying hounds of fear from tearing out my throat and drowning me in a sea of doubt. I feel like my own existence is mocking me. I pull at my scalp in a pitiful and desperate attempt to regain some feeling however all that remains within me is a deep and unfathomable sorrow.

I am being forced to be ready to accept my fate, parts of my personality almost all but my most precious memories...my very soul is being slowly bled away. Who was I again? I am I truly to end as an empty shell? I know, every last one of my achievements are...no longer...all those battle I fought valiantly in...What was my reason to fight again?

But you! A memory so deeply enshrined in my being...like a reflection. A shard of glass to pierce into...What am I? Identity? A shard of glass to pierce my identity...but it's just a shard...where is the rest of it? Where is the rest of me? Remembering is equal to cutting on the sharp edges of knowledge that something is missing...What have I lost?!

I think I am ready to go now. All that remains is this thought...
My duty to save you...and in turn...rescue me.

Once I leave this room...I am never to return and I wouldn't have it any other way.'
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