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by Swift
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #1737284
What is it? Where will it go?
Silver Bay
The Point Of  No Return

Chapter 1- The Happening

There was a crash at one end of the peer. Planks of wood were spiting and crashing into the air as if someone or even something was ripping them from the floor like a lion tearing at an antelope. From the other end of the peer Alfie, who was a quiet yet ambitious man, and Yves (Yves) an outgoing demure woman, at first saw the pier splitting with an anomaly of curiosity. But as the timber tearing fear became faster and worked its way towards there feet the fight for survival became apparent, and fight or flight set in.
Running to the edge they had no choice but to scramble over the abandoned ticket stalls and amusement stands which seemed would have seemed so safe in the incandescent daylight. Tearing her dress on a protruding nail she exclaimed in agony, with no time to stop nor throw one of the rings towards the bottles that the children had been trying to win a cheap toy from only hours ago, Alfie took Yves arm and assisted her in her escape. With only feet to go until solid ground the water soaked peer that was being shredded beneath their feet was chipping at there ankles. With what seemed like an Olympic winning jump they reached dry land with a stomach turning release.

Yves looked at Alfie and almost shyly remarked,"what was that?" Joe responded attempting to be heroic "It doesn't matter we still need to move, if this beast can destroy the pier it can gain on us on land!" Yves could hear the fear in Alfie's voice so knew it was not time for play.... Yet.
Turning left and then right down streets that only yesterday were so familiar to Yves almost seemed foreign, and the baron landscape that was 'Serting' her home town now seemed like something from a Zombie movie that Yves and Alfie would have watched curled up on the sofa.
Climbing through the window of a Log clad cabin set just to the east of the border of the town Alfie helped Yves in through the window and calmly stated 'I think we will be safe for a while here!'

The cabin was situated next to the river that separated the town and the Silver Bay forest and even though on placed on the east of the town was used by the people from the south who would travel up river as a place to remain safe during transit. Not wanting to sound like a history bore Alfie played dumb and left the cabins mystery to Yves imagination and purely remarked, "I will find light!"
With a childlike intrigue the couple moved slowly in the darkness, until Yves foot stumbled across what resembled a bottle. Bending down to pick it up, the bottle sparked furiously with neon red fire, It was a flare. Alfie and Yves shared eye contact at the miniature firework display and smiled at one another. Time stood still for just a moment but one that could not be forgotten. Alfie lifted the snarling flare into the air and burnt away what cobwebs had been accumulated. The insects that had made the cabin which seemed more like a wilderness to the pair at this moment ran at the fear of never before seen moment. As the flare lit the sides slowly being raised it showed the interior of the room and its regal glory. Chests of grandeur lay on the damp ground with stained uniforms draped across cabinets and furniture. Moving toward an opening which years ago would have been a door way now destroyed by termites Yves tenderly but firmly gripped Alfie's hand.
Led purely by the curiosity and remaining adrenalin Alfie shimmied into the dimly lit space that had become cavernous.
Still moving forwards burnt orange light began to flicker from either side of the stone clad walls and what began to show was a castle like interior of enormous paintings and chairs that a even a king would seem comfortable sat at.
Sheets hung from the walls and dust as thick as the darkness was on every surface!

Alfie tore down the sheets and laid them down upon one another creating a quaint yet warm and comfortable place for the to lay. With one sheet left it was hung between them and the enormous cavity they had first walked through.
Alfie crushed a table into kindling and lit a fire close by for warmth and light. Sat in the flickering amber glow of the fire, the tails of the fire licking at their feet Alfie and Yves lay in each others arms at the mercy of one another.
"there's no where else I could imagine myself, other than right here." whispered Alfie, "If this moment I could capture, the only thing I would change is that it could last for an eternity!" Yves smiled and replied "Why, could it not?"
Alfie grasped Yves and kissed her tenderly, they were locked in a passionate grip. Time had pierced a hole in their souls and the yellow glow was lighting it. Alfie discovered Yves with his soft touch and caressed her body in a way she had never felt. Feeling like the only people left on the planet softly pressing one an others lips against each other they wished for each other. Now dry in many ways but steamy in many others Alfie and Yves began to slide each others clothes off slowly.
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