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Rated: ASR · Serial · Fanfiction · #1737376
Megan and Jennifer will be glad when the gypsies leave.
Megan was sitting in a blue winged tip back chair when she heard the sound of a horse and carriage. Being in the past, Megan was getting used to the sounds of horses hooves. She drank some of her tea and wished she was drinking a Diet Pepsi but this was the price you pay for going back into the past. Megan loved being in this time but she missed her home and her husband. She was flattered that Johnny Depp and Leonardo DiCaprio look alikes were smitten with her. She heard Vicki say that Megan was in the palor and Jane entered the room.

Jane greeted Megan with a hug.

"I am glad you are alright, Megan. Miles told me about the strange gun shot and the horse you were on running out of control. He also told me about a gypsy man that saved you."

Megan put down her tea and Vicki came in with a cup of tea for Jane. "I don't mean to interrupt but I am glad you are safe as well. Who fired that shot?" Vicki was concerned.

"I don't know. Probably one of those gypsies." Megan had to wander about this herself.

"Oh, you should go back home with me and Jennifer should come too. Father and mother sent a message that they will be gone for three more days. Those gypsies sound like awful people. Vicki and Bill, you are welcome to stay as well with Cassandra and I."

"Oh, Bill will protect us. The gypsies won'y hurt us." Vicki was always cheery and saw the good in everyone.

"If you are sure, you are safe. Miles feels like a coward that he couldn't rescue you, Megan. I think he is in love with you. It is none of my business and me being an spinster but you have a husband and you are a good person. I love you and Jennifer but I don't want people thinking bad about you. To me, you are a breath of fresh air and you and Jennifer, well I admire you both."

"Jennifer and I love you, too. I don't want to hurt Miles. He knows that I am married. He is a friend and I have been honest with him

"The gypsy man? Is he in love with you?" Jane asked concerned. She didn't know that much about romances except what she wrote in her novels. That was how she hoped romances were.

"Oh. he is a flirt and he will be leaving and find other ladies I am sure." Megan patted Jane's hand.

Jane smiled. "I can't stay long but I have ben concerned about you. I am sure you don't want to hurt Miles. Where is Jennifer?"

"She is with Bradley. We will be back to your house in a couple of days."

Jane got up to leave and hugged Megan and Vicki. Vicki told Bill to follow Jane home on his horse. Jane would be a famous writer someday and Jane's friends wanted Jane to be safe.

Jane left in her carriage with Bill riding his horse to follow her home.

Jennifer was upset with Calin. She hoped Megan was safe at Vicki and Bill's. She wished she could call Megan on her cell. Surely, Megan and her would be safe. They didn't live in this time era. They hadn't even been born, yet.

A kiss on the cheek bought Jennifer back to reality. "Jenny, you look like you are in another world."

"I like being in this world with you." She liked being called Jenny. Jennifer smiled.

"Stay with me forever. I love you, beautiful lady." Bradley embraced Jennifer. Jennifer wandered how long she could just settle for embraces and kisses. Someday, she would leave him to go back to the present. Maybe she would stay with him here forever. About Manolito's moonstone. Gypsies. She was going to have it out with Calin when she saw him. Bradley started kissing Jennifer and just then it thundered and lightning and Jennifer jumped. It was getting dark. Where had the day gone?

Bradley and Jennifer ate a light supper of rice and a cornish hen with pumpkin pie for dessert. It was raining but not storming. Jennifer wandered if Megan was go to the gypsies for their party tonight. She would rather stay here with Bradley then go visit those gypsies.

"How would you like to travel to France with me in a couple of months?"

"Are you serious? I have never been to France."

"I would love to show you off and buy you all the newest fashions. Women in France have the most beautiful clothes."

"What do you know about women's fashion?" Jennifer smiled.

"My mother and sister always wear clothes made in France. I have clothes tailored there as well."

"You wear them well." Jennifer laughed to herself. Reminded her of the Rod Stewart song YOU WEAR IT WELL.

"What is so funny, my Dear?" Bradley wasn't mad.

"I knew a man who wrote a song about wearing clothes well." Jennifer felt stupid.

"Was he a tailor?'

"No. Just a singer." How could she tell him about singers and songs?

"Did he sing in plays or travel around to different towns?'

"Yes, he traveled to different towns." Jennifer couldn't believe she was talking about Rod Stewart with Bradley.

Just then a rock flew through the living room window and the sound of shattering glass could be heard. Bradley and Jennifer jumped up and ran to the living room and Jennifer saw Calin again. He tipped his hat to her and ran to the barn. Bradley hadn't seen him. Jennifer was furious! If he hurt Bradley, she would kill him. A few kisses didn't make her his gypsy Princess or whore. She regretted kissing him.

"Jenny, I am going out to talk to my workers. I will have two men guard the house. I promise you will be safe."

"I know. I trust you." Bradley kissed Jennifer's cheek and went outside. Jennifer paced and she closed the living room curtains. Twenty minutes later, Bradley came back in. He and two of his men boarded up the broken window. Jennifer sat on the couch. After they were done, the men left. Bradley sat on ther couch beside Jennifer.

"Jenny, my Dear, do you have a jealous lover?"

Jennifer's face fell. Should she tell him?

"If you do, I will fight for you and challenge him to a duel." Bradley laughed.

"I love you. There is no one else." Jennifer meant it. If she could go back twenty four hours, she wouldn't have kissed Calin. Thank goodness, she hadn't made love with him. She didn't feel disloyal or unworthy of Bradley's love.

"I know. Will you be alright staying in Rachael's room?"

"I would rather stay with you in your room." Jennifer was blushing.

"I would prefer you would, too." Bradley picked up Jennifer and carried her to his room kissing her the whole time.

Megan was all ready to go the gypsy party. She had found a bright blue dress and she walked to the caravans. She stopped dead in her tracks when she heard Calin and Manolito talking.

"I set fire to his tobacco plants, stoled one of his horses and throw a rock threw that fancy pants window. A gypsy man always gets his woman!"

Manolito laughed. I fired the shot that scared Megan's horse and I rescued her and from coward she was with. I will show her what a real man is!" Calin and Manolito laughed. Megan wished she gad a gun. She would have shot them both!

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Another Jane Austen Painting by best friend Angel.

© Copyright 2011 Princess Megan Rose (tigger at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
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