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The continuing story of a guy, his girlfriend, and a size change device.
Alex was getting frustrated with being trapped in Cara's shoe. Was it because it stunk? Well, yes and no. No, because he absolutely LOVED the stench of Cara's sweaty feet. Yes, because he HATED not being able to rub one out into her insole. The stench had very easily turned him on and Cara knew it would.

"Aaaaaaah! This form of punishment is seriously uncalled for! All I did was do what any man in my position would... Geeze!", Alex said to no one.

Suddenly, he felt the ground begin to rumble and he knew somebody was finally coming back to check on him. Ready for his freedom, Alex began to wriggle against Cara's insole and the tape again.

Cara kneeled down next to her shoe and looked inside, seeing Alex's butt cheeks as he wriggled. "How are you holding up in there, shrimp? Not too horny, I hope. Actually...", she said, and then giggled at her own joke. "That's not even funny, Cara! I'm sure know how horny smelly feet make me! Now let me out of here!", Alex demanded.

"Oh? So you're going to tell me what to do? Well in that case, I'll just leave you here...", Cara began and took her face away from the entrance of her shoe. "No no no! Wait! I was only kidding! Cara! Please don't leave me in here any longer! At least not taped down!", Alex pleaded. "God... I can't believe I'm begging to be untaped.", he mutters to himself.

Cara giggled again and lifted her shoe up. "Don't worry Alex, I was just teasing you. ...But I did enjoy the pleading. You know just how to turn a girl on.", she said, in a seductive tone. And that tone struck a chord with Alex, sending a shiver down his spine. Reaching into her shoe, Cara peeled off the tape that bound Alex to her insole and plucked him out of there.

Taking in a deep breath of fresh air, Alex sighed and fell back onto Cara's soft palm, resting his head against her strong, yet agile fingers. "So what happened with you and Lauren?", Alex asked. "I heard you two walking off to get drinks and that was it."

"Hahaha! Well I could tell you what happened, but that would just ruin the surprise. So hush, little one and you'll see what we were up to.", Cara commands. Understanding that to be the end of the conversation, Alex sits quietly as Cara walks through the kitchen and into the living room.

Feeling curious, Alex peeks over Cara's hand and is shocked to see a two foot tall Lauren curled up under her own panties, taking a nap. "What the hell? Did you shrink her or did she shrink herself?" Alex asked, confused and turned on by what he saw. Cara smiled and sat down on the couch a few feet away from the tiny Lauren.

Setting Alex down in her lap, she recounted what happened between her and Lauren while he was trapped inside his smelly prison. "...And then she begged for me to shrink her even smaller, so of course I obliged! Which leaves us with Lauren in her current state. After she fell asleep, I covered her in her panties for a blanket and went to check on you."

"Cara... Would you mind if I had some fun with her while she's this size? I mean...", Alex stutters as he tries to not sound too awkward. Seeing his little stiffy, Cara smiles. "Sure, why not. I'm curious to see what you try to do, shrimpy.", Cara says, feeling aroused by the situation. "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Cara!"

Alex jumps on to Cara's hand and she gently lowers him to the ground. Alex covers the distance to Lauren and very quietly sneaks up behind her. As he approaches, Alex realizes that even at her two foot size Lauren looks ridiculously huge!

Lauren is fast asleep in a position where her rear is slightly raised and this gives Alex the sign of what he wants to do. Alex climbs up onto Lauren, pushing her panties away, and stands on top of her legs as to give himself that extra boost to reach her pussy. Taking in a deep sniff, the smell of Lauren's crotch fills his nostrils. Alex is surrounded by it due to her giant crotch and even larger panties! Feeling hornier than he ever imagined, Alex takes the plunge!

His cock slides into Lauren's pussy and he is instantly overwhelmed by the sensation of her giant womanhood swallowing up his cock! Alex begins to moan as he pumps his cock in and out of her, while breathing in the scent of aroused pussy.

All of Alex's movements shake Lauren awake, who quickly feels her own pleasure rising. Surprised to feel a cock inside of her, Lauren looks down and smirks when she realizes that it's Alex who's fucking her! Plus, he's much smaller than her! Seizing the moment and taking advantage of his surprise to see her awake, Lauren turns the tables and manages to pin Alex to the ground. He looks up in shock and pure ectasy to see Lauren on top!

"Trying to sneak in a quick fuck while I'm asleep, little man? I can't say it's the first time..." Lauren bends down and kisses him deeply. Alex moans as he feels his cock ready to explode inside his lover. "Honey... I'm so close...", Alex pants. "I'm sure... I guess we're going to have to finish you off then, aren't we?"

Lauren brings her whole body down on top of him, blocking his vision with her breasts, and swallowing his crotch and thighs with her pussy. With each pounding thrust on her part, they get closer to orgasm- when suddenly they hear a deep, rumbling moan tear across them!

Surprised and even scared by the deep sound, they look up to see their colossal mistress nude, with one hand working her clit and the other tweaking one of her nipples. Their little escapades had excited their mistress so much that she couldn't help but to satiate her own desires...

With the three friends nude and at the height of their excitement, they could not be contained any more. Lauren, pounding Alex's little body and cock against her clit, and Cara, working her titanic pussy, all let out screams of pure ectasy and orgasmed.


Half-an-hour later, Alex rested on top of Lauren, his head laying againt her breasts and Lauren in a similar positon on Cara, all relaxed, still amazed by the incredible orgasms they experinced earlier. Then a clock in the kitchen began to chime. It rang once... twice... three times... four times... five times!

"Crap! Lauren! We have to be at work in ten minutes!", Cara shouted. Lauren jumped up, knocking Alex off, who fell onto Cara's exposed belly. Lauren jumped off Cara's stomach and landed on the couch, where Cara grabbed the ray-gun, set it to grow, and zapped Lauren. Returning to her normal height, Lauren ran to grab her uniform and a spare for Cara.

"What about me!?", Alex shouted. Dressed in their uniforms, Lauren and Cara looked down at Alex. "That's a good question...", the two girls said in unison.
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