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"Sure... I forgive you" she had told him. And somehow he had believed her. Contest Entry.
Her knickers were itching to come off. She had bought them in the after-Christmas sales especially for this night – black, nylon and very lacy.

Laura didn’t have the perfect body. Not bad, but far from perfect. That gym membership contract her brother had bought her for Christmas (thanks for the hint, Doug!) was still sitting on her kitchen surface. Uncompleted. Next to a cheeky tub of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream she had bought today. Completed. And she didn’t have the perfect face either. Not bad, but again not one of those faces. The kind of face that could do all of the talking for her. The kind of face that pulled the eye, froze the tongue and flushed the cheek of everyone in a room, male or female.

No, she had neither of these. What she did have were balls. Not the big hairy kind that clumped up tight on a cold day, drifted apart in the bath and did pretty much nothing in between – apart from make copious amounts of man gravy. Her balls were real balls. The kind of balls that let her speak her mind when others would stay quiet. The kind of balls that let her act as she saw fit, for example if she thought she deserved a pay rise, or if someone pushed in front of her in a queue. And in this case, react as she saw fit, for example if she found out her boyfriend had cheated on her.

Not long now, Laura told herself, as she poured her drunken wreck of a boyfriend another stiff drink. She hadn’t thought she would manage to get him so drunk so long before midnight. It had barely gone eleven! Peter was in the middle of some slurred rant about a guy from the party below who had ruined his joke. He was planning on hitting him, but he couldn’t stand up and his eyes were closed. Laura chuckled to herself. When had Peter Martin Taylor ever just hit someone?

And now he was snoring...

It was time! Time to show him what happened when he shagged Sarah What's-her-face from work. Time for revenge!

She slipped out of her new panties and put them in Peter's front pocket. "I won't be needing these for a few hours, dear", she said to him.

And then she was out of the room and striding down the stairs to the party below. She got a flash of excitement going down the stairs, knowing that if anyone were to look up they would see a lot more than they bargained for. And a lot less than I’m offering, she thought with a smile. Laura skipped into the party, her hair swept back into her hands and her hips swaying in time to the music. There were a lot of couple dancing, and a lot of singles sat around drinking morosely. This shouldn’t be hard. I always was the ballsy one after all.

He was younger than her, tall and broad, with glasses and ginger stubble. She wasn’t sure who had approached who, she had been making her way towards him and he had been approaching her. He had tried to give her some cheesy line no doubt, but she had cut him off with a brief kiss and taken him upstairs to one of the spare rooms she had marked on her way down.

Laura shoved him straight onto the bed – a single bed with a snazzy duvet. She unfastened his belt and dragged his jeans and pants off, before burying her head into his crotch. She was surprised to find him well on his way to being fully erect, after only a few quick kisses and a cheeky feel of her breasts. She ran her mouth up and down the length of the shaft until it was firm, and then started to climb up him. She didn’t stop at his waste however, and kept climbing until her womanly parts were in his face. She started to lower herself onto his mouth and let out a gasp of surprise as his warm tongue rose up to meet her. She fought down the climax that seemed to flow from his tongue and through every part of her body. Somehow, she managed to tear herself away from his face, and started the descent towards his shaft. It was as firm as she had left it. As she got ready to lower herself onto it, he surprised her again by spinning her around smoothly and forcing himself into her. She let out another gasp, this one more pleasure than surprise. Laura wrapped her legs tight around him as he drove himself into her again and again. Each stab seemed to send a shutter of pleasure through her very being. And after each thrust, the shutter of pleasure took longer to leave her, until there was no wait for the next. She could hold out no longer, and came noisily, her body tightening up in time with her partner’s final sporadic thrusts as he climaxed into her. Her breathing was heavy. As was his. And one thought above all others flashed in and out of her consciousness.

Revenge is so sweet.

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