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by Ben
Rated: E · Non-fiction · Personal · #1739064
Personal writing, spur of the moment...
I'm not even sure what to do. How to approach the problems currently in my life. Actually its just one main problem. And its something that I can't change. It involves another person, and, therefore, its is unpredictable and fickle. One time you or I may think that it is a certain way. Then all of a sudden they or you or I change mindset. Is the fickleness of humans what makes us unique...? No, there's more... It makes life an adventure. It makes life worth paying attention to; not just to be enveloped in some video game or even book or "other world." Without this fickleness, everything would be predictable, boring. It is a needed factor of civilized life. In its absence, we would just have some Brave New World... Not worthing living for, not worth dying for, not worth feeling. We need these little changes in our lives and the lives of others. They make us who we are; they allow for stories and worlds created by others to be shared with others. They allow each person to do something totally unexpected; something that others never would have thought of; something that others will begin to do as well: it allows individuals to change the world and, more importantly, THEIR world. With this they can change their world whenever they want, however they want. But what about the others that share connections with this world. Do they change the world even if the others don't want it changed? Even if all others don't want it changed? Possibly. But this same fickleness which gives them, you, and me the ability to change our worlds whenever, regardless of whose stands against it, also gives us the power to not change the worlds if others like it so. It allows us as humans to be able to sacrifice our personal wants for those of another we love or even of one completely alien to us. It gives us the gift of charity. Charity separates us from the humans (among other things). It means that when there is a food shortage, we don't take all so we can still eat like a king; we make a sacrifice and give to those in need around us. It means that when there seems to be no gain for a certain individual, be it you, me, or them, this individual will give up something dear, something this being wanted in order to produce gain for another individual. Sometimes this gain is affection, and you may say that that does produce a gain for the sacrificer. Although this is true, it still produces equal gain for the other individual, as affection is a two-way street. Both of these people gain from this experience and share this gain together. Its even possible that the sacrificer initially underwent the sacrifice solely to provide gain for the other and, as an added bonus, gain affection for their-self or myself. But when we face this fickleness in others and we cannot fathom why they do what they do, all we can do is try our best to get back what ever was lost. We then have no regrets because there is no need for regret when you've done all you can.               
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