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by Ben
Rated: E · Non-fiction · Personal · #1739067
Personal writing, spur of the moment, written on onepageperday.com
Nowadays, people can't stand to sit still, do nothing in particular. Nowadays...? People have never been able to do this. They have to be doing something, anything. Its just that nowadays we have more to occupy ourselves with; there is more to do so we don't have much empty time. And our lives are cramped tight with not much spare time for just doing nothing. Just sitting, laying, or something while doing nothing. Nowadays people have to do something, be it video games, reading, watching, or anything. They have to be doing it. Contrary to some, this held true in the old days as well. People quilted, played games, talked to each other, or in some other way took up time. Although the older methods of passing time may be 'better' than those new techniques employed today, they still felt the need to do something always. To always be interacting with others, with the world. Why is this? Why does almost every person feel the need to do something, most commonly with others? They feel they need to accomplish something. They think that by always doing something, they will eventually do something worth noting, something others will praise them for. We feel that, unless its something others will credit to us and extol us for, its not worth doing. This is one of the underlying ideals that is held subconsciously in our mind. Its always been there, and, with the coming of modern technology, has led to things like capitalism, ideas based solely on personal gain, but personal gain that is recognized by others. So why would anyone want to 'waste' time doing nothing, sitting under a tree, sitting in a chair, not fidgeting? There's no gain for the individual, so why do it? But there is a gain; its just not necessarily seen by others. By sitting under this tree, doing 'nothing', you can perhaps solve this riddle that is your most complicated relationship. Or you can sift through your mind, clearing it, letting it take in a deep breath. Or you can get some great idea which the public will rejoice at and embrace and then will lead you to fame and glory. But doesn't this still lead to the capitalistic idea? Yes. But it isn't inherently obvious that by sitting there, doing nothing, you would get a brilliant idea that would grant you wealth and fame. If the outcome of something isn't obviously beneficial or beneficial at all, then we don't pursue it. Why would we? We don't know the outcome. There could be no result at all, or there could be great outcomes, but this idea of no result at all usually blocks out the small chance of a great outcome. The risk it to deadly. We might get no outcome and waste time we could be using to play Call of Duty? Its not worth it. But it is. This time alone does wonders to those who partake. Whether or not you can tell. This time will clear, sort, order, help your mind in many ways. We can gain this wonderful outcome, but, because its not blatant, we don't partake. We can't see what's not obviously there.
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