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People have needs. They also have wants, desire, necessities, interests, ideas, and pursuits. And they should be able to follow these to their ability or content. Sure, we all know this cliche from the Constitution, "and the pursuit of happiness," but, realistically, this doesn't come into practice in the real, outside world. No one will admit to it, but everyone holds someone back eventually. I, myself, certainly don't try to do this, but, invariably, I have. I have held someone back from one or more of their goals and/or ambitions, although most of these have been unknowingly; but I have held at least on back. I'm not talking about the I-want-to-get-the-highest-grade-of-the-class-but-someone-got-higher-than-me kind of holding back. This is in fact not holding back at all. The Constitution states the "pursuit"[italics] of happiness; not the "automatic gaining of happiness." A small amount of times, this mistake is made, but mostly this portion of the "pursuit of happiness" is understood, but back to the people I have held back... The most common hold back is the please-do-this-because-you-love-me and the implied and-don't-do-what-you-wanted-to. So then the person, not wanting to imply that they don't love the holder back, changes his or her plans to match those of the holder back. Okay, so most of the time nothing major happens, or something benevolent happens (my aunt was supposed to go for an interview in the Twin Towers on 9/11 the morning they were struck down, but, thank to someone's interference, she wound up not taking that interview, saving her life), but what about those times when the holder back does indeed severely hold back someone. Let's say that the person influenced by the please-do-this-because-you-love-me person doesn't go to the gas station like he or she planned to, and, therefore, doesn't buy that winning lottery ticket he or she had originally planned on getting (not knowing it would win). Loss of possibly millions of dollars due to hold back. Okay so this example does include massive amounts of chance, but here's one with no change. Another person, one with an impressive singing voice, is going to go on a talent show, the first place prize being $500,000 and a recording studio, this person's dream, is going to go and audition for said show, but being self conscious of herself and her voice, she stupidly listens to her family/friends/anyone whom tell her not to go because of A, B, and C (why they would tell someone with a fantastic voice not to go I don't know, but they do). So she doesn't go. Little do they know, she indeed did have the best voice on the show, one of the best in the country, and would have won the show had she auditioned. So, what's the point of this...? I don't know... Maybe, lets stop ruining other's "pursuit of happiness" and their ambitions... No?
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