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A tragic, backward story, never done one before quite like it. PL.
“Together we are Bound”

Water, trickling, down the side of my grave
Movement, noises, darkness shrouding my cave
Deep cold, no light, “how did I get here”
Stillness, bad smells, could it be my fear

A picture, a scream, sadness on a face
A loved one, can’t touch, a loss of their embrace
Music, singing, familiar to my ear
People, standing, crying ones so dear

A journey, so slow, what can all this be
Cold place, clinical smell, table full of me
More crying, hospital, fear on people’s faces
Wires, tubes, preacher wording graces

Bustling, people, lots of panicked noise
Blue lights, sobbing, the sound of my two boys
Worried, strangers, a bark of dogs near by
Coldness, soaking, in my shirt and tie

Breaking, sheet ice, “what the hell am I doing”
Stranger, falling, not the time for swimming
Cold day, cry for help, “you two just stay here”
Walking, running, laughs so loud and clear

Arriving, journey, a day out at the park
Leaving, homestead, angels, herald, hark
Christmas, family, joyful time of year
Fulfilment, loved ones, safe from all the fear

Outside, big world, problems all around
My life, our life, together we are bound

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