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A view from above
A Rooftop I am
A rooftop that I clearly am, so far and wide I see
From where the mist resides, a pleasing view for me
There’s so much that goes on around, really far below
So many people on the ground, I’d really like to know
The lady with the big brown coat, she waddles as she walks
Bumping into friends she meets, lengthy, meaningful talks
The window cleaner, now there’s a gent, bucket, water, soap
Allowing light to flood back in, bringing people hope
Dark and dreary winter’s day, mist and noise abound
Cars and trucks, buses too, so many are around
The butcher so precise with time, on opening up his shop
People milling round the shelter, where the bus doth stop
Charity shops, banks and pubs line neatly on the streets
Car parks, lanes and lonnings, trodden by people’s feet
Dogs are barking, birds are singing, the distant noise of traffic
Bungalows, two ups, two downs, houses topped with attics
Churches spires, their bells are silent, waiting for the hour
Rooks do chatter, flapping wings, pigeons people scour
Dirty cars brought on by droppings, parked down in the street
People passing walking by, driven by their feet
Banging noises, cheery waves, the sound of clunking doors
Football pitches, children playing, parents keeping scores
From here up in the rooftops, life can be so sweet
The wind, the rain, the snow as well, are mine to try and keep
So if you ever wish to see, the world from where I stand
Please be welcome, climb and see, hold tightly to my hand.

©Poet Lordy Dec 31st 2010
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