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Look out ladies
Oh, I'm so paranoid
I start to shake and take double glances over my shoulder like some psycho's gonna stab me in the back
But if I think of you...
you help me relax

Oh, I carve your name into everything
Until my fingernails break into every willow and gravestone
Then I toss my victims corpse into the lake

Oh, I mutilate myself
Not that I think it's fun
I got your name in a heart on my chest
I apologize for the blood that seeps through when I wear your favorite dress

Oh, I'm so drunk driving with a date I stole from the prom
She embodied you so I tied her up and taped her mouth shut

Oh, baby it's been too long
So I kissed her
I bit her
I think I raped her
When she screamed I knew it was you

Oh, I'm skin and bones from starving craving every chick I see
Her lips so red that they bled
Her looks were a dream
Her hair, the hair, the horror

Oh, I always wake-up in your dress
Smelling wretched of sex
Turns out I'll even fuck you in death
I apologize for the blood that seeps through when i wear your favorite dress
Then I toss my love's corpse into the lake
When she screamed I knew it was you
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