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by Bobo
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A fiction journey that will take the characters to where they never dream existed

When Darkness Strikes
Chapter One:
The Beginning

Jerry was just an ordinary boy, nothing spectacular about him. He gets bullied in school by the brats who seemed to always be picking on him. Sometimes he wished he had super powers of some sort, then he would take care of the bullies in the way he see fit. “Look out!” yelled junior as Adam the biggest of the bullies intentionally spill his chocolate milk on Jerry’s shirt. “Oops, oh well shit happens, should watch where your walking dude,” was the apology that Jerry got as Adam walked away. Jerry was shit face, he envision himself going behind him pulling him to the ground and beating the hell out of him. But Jerry was too much of a kitten to do anything. “He did that on purpose Junior said angrily, why is he always picking on us “. “One day he is going to need our help and I’m just going to laugh in his face and throw chocolate syrup on him. I think I’ll walk around with a bottle of chocolate syrup so when that day comes”. Junior’s sense of revenge always seem to make Jerry smile even in the tensest situations. Junior always seem to have a plot for whomever do him wrong, but he hasn’t been able to fulfill his revenge on anyone yet. “I’m going to keep cool and ignore what just happened, besides there isn’t anything I can do to him and everyone seems to think he’s never wrong. Sometimes I wonder if even the principal and teachers are afraid of him”. Junior looked at the stain on his best friends shirt, “don’t let it worry you to much Jerry, payback is like a fish caught in a net with a hungry shark on patrol”. “you sure do have a way with words”, Jerry replied with a smirk on his face”. Jerry and Junior had been friends for over a year now. They met at school one day while practicing for the upcoming school talent show. Junior was spinning a soccer ball on his finger tips and letting it roll from one arm to the other in a circular motion. “So I’m guessing you’re a soccer player, Jerry had said. “Nah I just like messing with it”. They ended up talking for a hot minute and realized they have a lot in common, and they quickly became buddies. “Hey guys what’s good, hey do you know you have a stain on your shirt”? Sammy was the type of girl that talks a little too much. She had a severe crush on Junior but always try to play it off. Sammy was an attractive girl. She had round blue eyes that seem to change color depending on what she was wearing. And today they were very light blue. She was about the seem height as Jerry who was about 5’ 4” She always seem to keep up with the latest fashion styles and looks. “So… Jerry you want to enlighten me on what happen to your shirt”, Sammy asked quickly. “Oh I just spilled cocoa on it carelessly; you know how I get sometimes”. “Yea I know you’re a big baby”, Sammy said to him squeezing his cheeks a little. “I guess I’ll see you guys around I’m off to find Stacey”. As she walked away Junior said, “I think she likes you”. “Junior you know pretty well she has a crush on you and even if she didn’t she’s not my type”. “Denial won’t get you anywhere bro”, junior said laughing. “ok, I give up”, protested Jerry with his hands in the air laughing, “If you don’t know then I don’t know”.
It was around mid evening that very day that Junior gave Jerry a call. “Hey bro what you doing”? Want to get the crew together and do something fun. I’m tired of sitting here and listening to my sister bore me to death with her boy issues. Sheesh, she goes on and on and doesn’t know when to stop”. Juniors’ sister was a beautiful girl, she had brown eyes which were the seem color as her hair. And she had an astounding smile that makes all the boys melt. She was the perfect figure of the Number eight. So therefore she gets lots of attention from the boys, but always seem to attract the assholes. Jerry laughed, “Hmmm sounds a lot like Sammy, guess it’s a females trait. Jerry and Maryanne (who is juniors’ sister) were pretty cool friends. They get along well and both were attracted to each other. “Well bro should I get the crew together and we’ll find something to do,” junior continued. “Yea that sounds like a plan, I’ m bored here myself not doing anything. Mom and Dad are not home from work yet”. “Ok well we’ll meet at the memorial park in an hour”. Sounds good replied Jerry, “I’ll see you then”. Jerry left his mom a note saying “Mom I’m out with junior and friends, I’ll see you guys later, love you”. Jerry arrived at the park and was greeted by all his friends. “So what’s the game plan”, asked Timothy who everyone called Tim for short. “It’s already five o’clock now”. “Lets go for a walk through the woods, there are a lot of trails there and a few high hills, we can look down at everything, should be fun junior said, plus its a nice scenery. Sammy and Stacey who were there also were both uncomfortable with that idea. “We’re not feeling the woods plan said Stacey”. “Come on, where’s the sense of adventure here,” junior protested, “Lets do this guys”. “I’m down”, said Tim. “Come on girls”, Jerry said to Sammy and Stacey smiling, “should be fun”. As the five of them walked on through the woods Stacey held close to Timothy. She kept on having a weird feeling about the whole adventure thing that junior was talking about. Sammy was walking in the middle of Junior and Jerry whistling some made up tune, as they approach a large tree on the way up one of the hills. “Hey look at this rock underneath the tree guys, it seems to be glowing,” said Jerry excitedly. Everyone quickly gather around and was staring at the rock. The rock then started to change colors in front of their eyes and in the middle of it was a yellow star that remained the seem color as the rock changed from blue to green, then red to white. “Wow”, exclaimed Jerry “what is this rock”; he asked as he bend over and touched it. At that instance he touched the rock everything around them went still. And the rock vanished and in its place was a gnome dress in the same color, as the colors that were changing on the rock, and there was a star crown on his head. And in his hand he held a staff. “Holy smokes”, yelled junior “what is that, what happened, what’s going on!” Stacey and Sammy both were shook up and was holding on to timothy that was looking astounded but seemed to be cool about the whole scenario. “Do not be afraid my friends”, said the gnome in a soft but strong voice. “I have been watching over you guys for some time now, and now your time has come”, there’s no time to lose. “Who… I mean… what are you”, asked Stacey stumbling as she spoke. “My name is Elament”, replied the gnome I’m a mage sent from Kurotar to train and prepare you for what is about to come on this planet. You all have been chosen from birth from my master Megapollius. “You’re a what? Asked Tim. “And what do you mean you were watching us from birth”, asked Stacey who was still holding closely to Timothy. “Chosen from birth from mega who…”? Jerry asked Feeling a little more at ease, but still confused at the same time.
“All will be revealed soon my friends”, said the gnome, its getting dark you guys need to get going”. As they look around they noticed it was dark and the only light was from the staff that Elament was holding. “Oh great, how are we going to get back to our cars, it’s dark and were bound to get lost”, Sammy said frightened. “Don’t worry you don’t have to walk, I will create a portal to your cars, just go through it. “A portal to our cars”, jerry asked not really getting it. “You each will have a minor wand in your assets”, continued the gnome. “You will be able to use it to aid in various situations”. “I just want to get home”, said Stacey, who was still a bit shaken up. Elament suddenly went into a quick trance and in five seconds there appear a portal in front of them. “Go quickly it will lead to your cars, and we will meet again very soon”. After he said this he vanished. “Whoa, this is cool and scary at the same time”, Said jerry. “Was that real?” asked Sammy. “Guys we need to get going”, timothy said. “Well the only way we can get to our cars is either go through this thing or get lost in the dark”, said jerry. “I rather get lost in the dark”, Sammy said uncomfortably. “Don’t be ridiculous, where is the sense of adventure. Let’s do it,” junior said excitedly. “Let’s all at least hold hands and go through,” said Stacey. So they all held hands and walked through the portal. Walking through the portal was like walking out of a door into another room. “Wow! This is awesome exclaimed Tim”, as they all stepped out of the portal. They all looked back and watched as the portals vanish from sight. “I can’t believe this is really happening, feels like a dream or is it”? Stacey asked shakily.

Chapter Two:

The next day Jerry arose to the sound of raindrops splattering against his window, he looked at the old clock on his wall, it was 8:01 a.m. The room suddenly became illuminated for a brief second as lighting flashed outside followed by a roaring thunder. As Jerry laid there his thoughts drifted to what had happened at the park yesterday evening. It still wasn't making sense to him as to what really happened, and how was this phenomenon even real. He had got home that evening and mom was asking him questions like who was at the park, and what did they do and did they happen to see Curious Bob. Curious Bob was the neighbor that just always seems to poke his nose in everyone's business. "Nope, didn't even see a glimpse of him", Jerry replied " and i'm glad we didnt,because he rants on to much about nothing. Bob was the type of guy that can hold a conversation with anyone for hours talking about literally nothing, and he just seemed all in all..... weird. He wears a black hat made of straw on his bald head, he is about 5ft five a little on the short side with an overgrown mustache. His appearance is very close to one of a dwarf. Kids and people around him always seem to stare at him whenever he is around, no one knew for certain how he gets his source of information or where exactly he came from. Bob was really good at predicting the weather and like any events before it actually even occurs, he was also keen in reading people, some people think he can read minds, but that was just a passing myth or so it seemed at the present. "He mentioned something about seeing a glow in the park, but he said he couldn't make out what it was, said it looked like someone was holding a blue flashlight or something," Jerry's mom told him. Jerry shrugged "who knows", as he opened the fridge and took out the orange juice. His heart was beating a little fast about the fact that he knew what it was that Bob saw, but he didn't want to tell his mom about the mysterious encounter as yet. Jerry was sitting at the kitchen table drinking his orange juice and talking to mom about school when he got a text from Junior. " I still cant believe what happened yesterday bro! do you have your wand? I was staring at mine all night. The red gem on the tip of it seemed to have gleamed every time I held it, then it wold stop gleaming once i put it down, in the inside of the gem it looks like a little fairy with wings, so fascinating. Jerry texted him back, "wow that's interesting", i had put my wand in my drawer and passed out, im about to go check it out now. we all need to get together and figure whats going on with us and these wands junior". "agreed Jerry, we will all get together today for sure", Junior texted back. "girlfriend texting", asked mom teasingly. "If I had a girlfriend mom, you would be the first to know", jerry got up and hugged his mom. "love you mom, going to my room".

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