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by Ronnie
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1) Your past is full of sadness
And your memories bring regrets.
You feel your life is empty
And you always hedge your bets.

Playing safe is fatal
It’s such a waste of time.
You can’t have failed to notice,
I‘ve lost this simple rhyme.
I’ve lost this simple rhyme because
Rhymes just can’t express
The misery of modern life:
The vast unholy mess.

2) Restraint is what we need right now.
Be tough and shun possessions.
Money's not a sacred cow. Laugh in the face of recessions.
Jot your thoughts down day by day.
Blog 'til your heart's content.
Tghink for yourself, and don't cave in.
Your thoughts are heaven sent.
Make a wish, and have a dream.
Your thoughts are made of plastic.
Row your boat against the stream.
Believe the world's fantastic.

3)Mine is the Voice I hear
l feel I ought to mention,
There's a problem that we face.
We're living with this tension,
And a smile would crack your face.
It isn't that you bore me.
You haven't made me mad.
But no one can adore me.
And I fear a world gone mad.
It's dark and lonely on the fringe of things.
There's a hollow ring that the night time brings.
It rings for me aswell as you.
It rings through everything we do.
It breaks me up to see you sad.
It's not a thing to cheer.
I should have listened;
I should have learned,
But mine is the voice I hear.
When the ticking clock winds down the day,
And darkness edges near.
When we feel that there's nothing left to say,
Mine is the voice I hear

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