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Proud winner of the yearly Rising Stars North Star Contest Sociopathic Tendencies Revealed
I am –
An assassin of imaginings;
A jailer of souls!
A prostitute of manipulation!
I am –
A dream killer...

Look hard at me with open eyes,
And see abuses I devise
To steal the essence of your love;
While speaking truths of God, above.
A curs-ed way
To spend one’s day;
A selfish little game I play.

Ah, yes!  My victim - ripe to pluck,
A torn down ego full of muck -
Who needs my Godly, worldly aid;
A psyche ready to persuade
That I’m the one
With whom to run,
For I reflect the midnight sun...

Come close to me and hold my hand,
Right by your side I’ll make my stand,
And promise my undying trust;
Defending you from those unjust.
I’ll snake right in,
Crawl in your skin -
As loyal as your next of kin. 

It’s working!  Now you’re mine, alone.
You’ve come to me to hence condone
Your sad existence on this earth;
Supposed self-hating thoughts since birth.
Oh happy be
You’ve come to me
All caged in mire where you can’t see.

How fitting for me now to find
That selfishness rules in your mind!
At such strong pace - that I’m the fool;
Now I’m the one who’s treated cruel...
As karma wins
And anguish pins
My days engulf me with my sins.

In sickness, gripped - we play our game,
With years of practice – both the same.
For in our souls we share one fact;
We’re both exploiters with an act.
How we abuse
And we misuse
The love we share – our daily muse.

A tragic story to behold,
My heart-strings cut down as foretold.
This pay-back hurts and stings and churns;
It’s well deserved and sorely burns.
Deceitful ways
Have set ablaze
My reckoning - with painful days.

With just deserts I’ve made my bed;
My path enlightened – ego, shed.
A lesson learned in mind and sight
By retribution’s cutting spite.
I must let go
And learn to grow;
Find mercy in God’s golden glow...

Proud winner of the yearly Rising Stars North Star Contest - January, 2011!

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