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This is what I plan to do this year.
Here is My New Year's Resolution for 2011

1) I will get Upgraded to Premium Membership. - This one has already been done.

2) I will finish the first draft of Tia’s Mysteries, which I started for NaNoWriMo 2010.
         a) I will also try to beat my word count of 50,820 at the next NaNoWriMo.

3)I will finish 9 courses at New Horizon Academy.

4) I will write at least 52 poems. I am hoping to have one poem for each of the different styles of poetry.

5) I will write at least twelve short stories. There will be one in each of the main genres.

6) I will give at least 365 reviews to newbies. The newbies will have been on the site for less than a year.
         a) I would be also doing at least double that number from the rest of the members.

7) I want to host at least four contests.
         a) a raffle
         b) two contests where the GP will help Groups
         c) a writing contest.

8)I will join at least one group. I am already the member of two wonderful groups. They are the Crusaders and Showering Acts of Joy.
         a) The new group might but not limited to either the Angel Army or Rising Stars. Both groups help new members just in different ways.

I am also putting this outline in my port as a constant reminder.
I will keep updated this as they get completed.
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