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by Bobo
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A suspense thriller that takes many twists and turns, with actions and ....
The Taste Of Revenge

It happened on a wet dreary morning, I woke up feeling uneasy and lonely like something was wrong. Usually whenever I have feelings like these it usually ends up being a bad day for me. I sighed got out of bed and looked at the clock, it was 7:45. I looked out the window and there was a thick fog outside, so thick I couldn’t even make out my dads car in the driveway. Why is it so quiet in the house I thought to myself, usually my annoying sister would be up banging at my door by now and mom and dad would be getting breakfast ready before they have to go to work. Well it is raining I reminded myself, maybe they’re not working today and enjoying the time at home. Well what about my sister my thoughts continued…… why didn’t I hear her about? I started thinking that maybe something happened to them. I hate myself sometimes for my crazy imagination. I always think of the most insane things happening in my life. Like I sometimes wonder what If I wake up one day and I was the only one left in my town. Or what if a spaceship invaded earth while everyone was sleeping at night and took me in their spaceship and gave me super powers……that would be awesome I always thought to myself, I would become a super hero. I walked out my room and walked to my sister’s door that was right next to mine. “Hey Beth”, I called knocking at her door, “are you up sis” There was no reply. For whatever reason I couldn’t explain my heart started beating faster, I tried opening her door but the knob wouldn’t turn, it was locked. At this point I started calling her name out loud and banging on her door…….still no reply. What’s even more weird I was wondering why mom and dad hadn't come running and asking me what’s up with my yelling and banging. I then ran to my mom and dad room banging on their door and calling “mom, dad” turning the door knob which was also locked. I started crying and continued yelling “mom, dad open up”! All of a sudden a flash of light illuminated the windows followed by a loud bang. I looked at the windows, it was pouring outside, I hate thunder, it always leaves me shaking up. The sound of the raindrops seemed pretty heavy on the rooftop as I listened. I heard a creek coming from down the hall toward my sister’s room and I almost jump out of my skin. “Beth”, I called frightened, it sounded more like a question than me calling her. Still there was no reply, ok this is getting freakier by the minute I said to myself. I yelled “Beth”, again no reply. At this point I was really scared. I started banging on my parents door again and yelling, no answer still. I started kicking the door which didn’t do any good. I ran to the kitchen got a knife and try opening the door still no use. I remember mom telling me if I ever have an emergency to pick up the phone and push the numbers nine one, one. I ran to the phone and dial nine one, one. I heard a woman on the other line saying hello what is your emergency. Before I can answer some one threw a sheet over me and picked me up and carried me outside in the rain into a vehicle. I started yelling and kicking frantically. But whomever was carrying me seemed pretty big, and my yelling and kicking had only made him chuckle. “What a champ”, said a familiar male voice as he put me in a van. That voice sounded familiar like the neighbor next door who sometimes comes to our house. His name is John and I honestly didn’t like him the first time I saw him. It was just something about him that gave me an eerie feeling about him whenever I was around him. I had told mom and dad how I felt around him but they always use to smile and tell me he is our neighbor and a nice guy. “Let me go”, I began shouting and crying at the same time. Suddenly the covers was moved from around me and they loose the knot, at first I thought they were letting me go, but then I quickly realized that that was just a passing thought. There were three men in the van and one female, they all had on masks so I couldn’t make out their faces. “It’s ok, you will be fine cutie”, the lady reassured me. “Gee thanks I feel relieved already”. “Where are you guys taking me and where are my parents, what’s going on” I asked shaking. “You’re asking to much questions kid”, said one of the guys “we don’t like fifteen year old asking us questions”. “How do you know my age”, I asked. The guy then laughed and didn’t reply. The lady then said my name is Mona Lisa, and those three guys’ names are Tom, Dick, and Harry. “Yea and my name is Bill Clinton”, I snapped. Everyone in the van started laughing loudly, “wow, kid your something else, you’re pretty smart aren’t you? Well that is our names whether you like it or not said one of the guys in the mask who was sitting next to me. Were about to arrive in five minutes said the driver, as soon as he said this I was suddenly blind folded. “Oh shit”, said the driver there is a cop car behind us. “Fuck, this is not good”, said one of the guys. “Please tell me you fixed that tail light Fred” yelled the driver. I thought to myself I knew that was not their names. My heart started beating faster, please God save me, I prayed silently. Mom always tell me that God hear our prayers and is always protecting us. I started to cry again at the thought of my mom. “Oh Jesus the lights are on” said the driver sounding annoyed. “Great just our luck”, said the lady, “what do we do now”. “Not our luck just the fucking stupidity of Fred, he never replaced the bulb for the rear break light”. If anything happens I’m going to kill you, you stupid fuck”. I never heard so much profanity in my life. My mom and dad sometime argue and they never talk like that around me and my sister, no matter how mad they were. Suddenly the driver stopped, and as the cop got to the van he asked for license and registration. I guess they had off the mask by now because the cop didn’t mention anything. One of the guys hand was over my mouth ever so tightly. “Where are you guys going”, asked the officer. “Heading to work sir, wish I didn’t have to work in this type of weather”. “Tell me about it”, said the cop. “I stopped you because one of your break lights is out”. “I’m sorry”, sad the driver I actually got the bulb in the van, I was just in such a rush to get to work this morning that I forgot to replace the bad bulb, plus it was raining out, figure I would do it at work”. Wow he is such a good liar, I thought, I wonder if the officer was buying that. Damn if I wasn’t being held captive in there I probably would have believed him. “Mind if I take a look inside the van”, the police officer asked casually. “Sure officer, the door is unlock its just our work tools in the back there. The officer studied his face and was about to look in the van when he got a call on his radio in his police cruiser. “Don’t go anywhere”, he told the driver as he went to his car to answer the radio. “What do we do now”, asked the guy whose real name was Fred. “You should be praying that everything goes smoothly”, the driver said glaring at him. The other guy who sounded like my neighbor I realized wasn’t talking. And I wondered if it was because he knew that I would recognize his voice. “Well we need a plan” said the guy on my right; he was still holding his hand over my mouth. “Well what do we do if he comes back; the kid was on the phone when I got him, who knows who he was talking to”. That has to be my hated neighbor I thought, there is no hiding his voice. “who were you talking to on the phone” the driver asked me. “No one” I said, “I was going to try and call grand ma but I was grabbed by one of you losers”. The driver looked at me carefully then turn back to look back at the cop in the mirror. Meanwhile in the cruiser the cop got the news that someone called in nine one one earlier, but there was no one on the line. The lady on the radio explained to him also that another officer was sent to the house where the phone call came from. And when he got to the house he saw deep tire tracks in the mud. He walked up to the door and rang the doorbell, and when no one answered he tried the door and it was open. So he went inside took a look around, and had a feeling something wasn’t right. So he called for back and began searching. He found a man in his bedroom tied to what seemed like some kind of torturing device, if he had tried to move or yell he would have been totured by the device. A woman was slashed in the bedroom next to him. And a little girl was found tied and locked in her closet, with her mouth tied with a sock in it. It seems like they were searching for something, the room was trashed thoroughly. The girl said she also have a brother but there was no sign of him anywhere. The cop suddenly had a bad feeling, “did you get their names” he asked………… To be continued
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