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In the peaceful forest of Kilicka ruled by king Cobra, a threat was forming by a wizard
King Cobra And The Wizard’s Threat

In the forest of Kilicka lived a respected snake king known as king Cobra. He was feared and loved by many of the creatures in the forest. Legend told of him battling a bear and a tiger and winning the fight after days of fighting and hunting one another. Some of the creatures even make up story of him killing a dragon by strangling him to death with his strong massive body. King Cobra was an honest king, and had set rules that were not to be broken. He would always send his soldiers to aid anyone that needs help, even other creatures that were not part of his kingdom. Therefore he was known far and wide and gain lots of royal friends. The lion king also respected him and also offer his protection to his dominion. Every thing was peaceful until one day news was rushed to King cobra that some Shamans was on their way to Kilicka forest sent by a wizard minotaur, who wanted supremacy power over all the animal kingdoms. They are far away and will be here in about two weeks he was told. “And who gave you this news”, asked king Cobra. “It was given by Swift Beak, the flying messenger sir”. King Cobra was annoyed. He had heard stories of this wizard and how he practices all sort of magic. He was a brute and had no fear or conscience of another life. He would even use his own men to practice his magic on and usually the participant ends up dead. King Cobra asked everyone to leave him so he can think in quietness of a way to stop this wizard. King Cobra paced back and forth thinking of a way he can destroy this wizard once and for all. He had not met him personally but if he wanted supremacy over the animal kingdom then he has to be up to no good. I wonder If Tomi got the news, he thought. Tomi was the lion king who offered him protection. This threat was a big problem to him so of course it would be an even bigger threat to Tomi. King Cobra called for Leo who was one of the officials in charge of his army. “I want you to send news to Tomi and ask him if he heard the news of the wizard, and tell him I would like to speak with him on this matter urgently”. “Yes your majesty, I will send the news right away”. Leo rushed out and called for L-cheetah, who was one of the fastest messengers other than Swift beak. He would have sent swift beak but he was sent to spy on the shamans to see how close they were getting. “I need you to deliver this message to Tomi as soon as possible, tell him the king has gotten a threat from the wizard about wanting supremacy over the animal kingdom and that king Cobra would like to meet with him urgently on this matter”. “Aye, Aye captain, you know you can count on me”, said cheetah, and he was out of sight in a matter of seconds. News about the wizard was beginning to spread quickly and the citizens were beginning to feel frighten. A lot of talk was going around that king Cobra would protect his domain and that the wizard had no idea what he was up against. And others were saying that the wizard is a big threat and even king Cobra may not be able to defeat him with help. So there was a lot of commotion going on in the forest and a lot of the animals felt threatened by it.

El- Cheetah's Journey

El cheetah was sprinting northward toward the mountain where the lion king lives, excited and worried about the wizards threat at the same time. The lion king lived in a cave on top of the mountain on the northern part of the mountain surrounded by three different waterfalls. There were many different animals and various trees that grew on that side of the forest and most of the other animals would take their families out there on trips because the scenery there was very beautiful. The trip there was two hours and twenty five minutes and el-cheetah was running top speed, jumping over logs and water streams as he headed northward towards the mountain where Tomi lived. All of a sudden he heard a scream and he stopped. He looked around him the sky was shining bright and there were a lot of birds just flying about in the sky. He heard the scream again coming from behind him, he went back and took a left into some tall grass and up ahead he saw a monkey known as the spider monk laying on the ground and couldn't move. He rushed to aid him, "what happened" asked cheetah, "are you ok"? "I've had better days', said spider monk "i was jumping from limb to limb on this tree here and somehow when i went to jump to another branch, its like everything went blank and i couldn't see anything and i completely miss the branch and fell". "That's weird said cheetah, "has this happened before" he asked. "No if it hadn't happen to me i would not believe what i experienced, Its almost like some sort of magic trick". Thoughts of the Wizards magic he had heard about crossed el cheetah's mind and he wondered if it had anything to do with what spider monk experience. "glad your not really hurt, i have got a message to deliver of utmost importance, try not to fall off trees will ya", el cheetah said jokingly. " yes sir, spider monk replied and bowed smiling, he was use to a great sense of humor. El-cheetah sped full speed toward the mountain wondering if the Wizards magic had already reached this part of the forest. As he was pondering and running at the seem time, he went to jump over a log and fell into a hole. El-cheetah landed at the bottom of a dark pit. He looked up where he fell from but there was nothing to see but darkness. He closed his eyes for like ten seconds then re opened them. His eyes was adjusting to the dark a little. He looked around and saw what looked like three different tunnels leading to different places? His heart was beating faster as he began to adjust to the darkness, he looked around and saw skeletal corpses hanging from the walls. El-cheetah trembled as he looked around, was he in the pit of the dead and living bones. This was a story he had heard Leo telling some of the other animals in the kingdom, and always wondered if their was any truth to his stories, and here he was actually living it. El-cheetah shuddered as the thought crossed his mind. He began to take slow steps forward listening attentively to any sound. A mouse scurried by his feet and vanished in the darkness. As he took a few steps toward the tunnels he saw like a wisp ahead of him floating toward the first tunnel like entrance. At the seem time he heard a noise behind. Suddenly the bones on the walls and the skeletal corpses was beginning come to life before his eyes. El-cheetah's heart started to pound as he ran forward and dodged one of the skeleton from behind that almost grabbed him. He ran towards the light that was coming from the first tunnel where the wisp was floating. He ran into the tunnel without any second thought, he just wanted to get out of the cave. As he ran through the cave he heard weird sounds and scattering bones behind him. El-cheetah ran straight ahead breathing heavily as he ran into a wall and fell down. He got up squinted saw the path and dash forward. Behind him he heard voices echoing, and eerie laughter and ominous singing, "run kitty run". El-cheetah kept running forward he saw daylight ahead and moved as fast as he can to get out. He darted what seem like a snowball that was thrown at him. what was that he thought as he raced out the cave opening. He looked back and there was nothing coming out from behind him. Outside it was bright, but the lights was coming from what looks like circle spheres attached all over the trees, el-cheetah stood there heart pounding as he looked around wondering if he was dreaming.

Swift beak

Meanwhile back at the palace king cobra was beginning to get a little worried. It has been over six hours now and cheetah had not returned. This was rare as he always counted on cheetah to deliver messages and he always do it with good speed and always goes beyond what he expects. King cobra called for Leo his commander in charge. "I need ears and some eyes to find out about el-cheetah's whereabouts, its' been hours now and he hasn't returned. And please keep this urgency on the low don't want to alarm everyone with all this commotion going on. "yes sir" replied Leo. Leo walked out just as swift-beak the messenger flew in. "what did you find out", king cobra asked swift-beak looking at him intently. "well for starters ain't i the swiftest and mightiest of all your messengers your highness", swift-beak replied dancing on the table and taking a bow. "swift-beak now is not the time", hissed king cobra annoyed. "I need information now, el-cheetah was sent out after you to deliver a message and haven't returned yet and its beginning to worry me". "Ahh the great el-cheetah, got lost in the wild like a child", swift-beak replied sarcastically, "well what do you know". At this king cobra yelled, "swift-beak I need the information you was sent to get now or u can give it later to eagle eye after i release you from 2 months in the cell below". Swift-beak swiftly came back to his senses. Eagle eye was the infamous eagle of all eagles. Everyone knew who he was and not dare ever want to get in any heated conversation with him. Eagle eye's fur color was the seem color as the lion kings. His skin was a lot tougher than other birds. He was swift and can fly higher than all the other birds and can withstand temperatures normal animals cant. Legends spoke of him traveling to the moon and back. A lot of the creatures didn't believe in this myth but no one would dare say. He had a zero tolerance for anything, but his insight was highly respected as he has a keen way of seeing things. But, at a price for the unfortunate. No one goes to him unless it was a dire situation of life and or death. "your highness sir, lets skip that part should we," swift-beak replied smiling, "besides I got some good news sir", I ventured out in the direction i first saw the group of shamans but upon arriving they were not there, I even landed and looked about where i first saw them sir, and there was nothing. "swift-beak, this does not make sense", king cobra answered. "Are you sure you have seen them while you were flying back from the high elf in Moon vale. The high elf in moon vale who goes by the name of Elagor had certain powers and was a friend of king cobra, the king had sent swift-beak to set up an arrangement to meet with him before he got the news about the shaman king. Swift-beak quickly replayed when he first spotted them in his head. They were all fierce looking with red scarves around their neck. some of them were carrying daggers in their hands, others were wielding swords and staffs. They were pulling some sort of caravan with wooden wheels that was in the middle of their group, which he assumed was the shaman king. "Yes sir, i saw them in groups pulling the shaman king in a caravan on the path that leads to this forest your highness", swift-beak replied. "And not seeing them anymore is your good news", asked king cobra, "this is not good news Swift-beak, not if what you said about seeing them is true. We got to stay alert and continue scouting the vicinity of our forest for any signs of them, Oh and Swift-beak, i need you to go quickly and see if u can get in contact with el cheetah, I sent him to deliver a message to Tomi hours ago and he hasn't returned yet. Leo probably sent another to go check on him but I need you to go also and see about his whereabouts". "Aye Aye sir", and with this he was out the window and in the air toward the northern mountain.


Jade was one of the soldiers that Leo has a lot of faith in, she was strong discipline and always working to improve herself in everything she do. When Leo told her about el-cheetah not returning she was a little concern. El-cheetah and her were good friends and always kept their friendship on the low as to not start rumors or let others into their personal lives. They have always been there for each other during struggling times in the most effective way possible as being friends and letting others see it as just that. As she was pouncing over logs going in the direction towards the mountain where she was told that el-cheetah went, she ran into spider-monk who was sitting on a tree eating a fruit. "well well fancy to see you out and about jade to what do i owe the pleasure", he said bowing with a smirk on his face. " I'm out looking for el-cheetah have you seen him by any chance", jade asked. "Is he in some type of trouble". Jade did not reply, "I saw him earlier he ate a fruit with me said something about delivering a message and left in a hurry. "Thanks monk". Jade turned and left in a hurry towards the path she came. As she was running she wondered why el cheetah may have not return yet. Maybe king Tomi had him stay over night for dinner or something, she thought. She looked up and saw the sun was beginning to make its way slowly behind the mountain. She started to move faster as dawn was making its way into the fullness of the day as to say a new day is coming. She was almost half way there, when all of a sudden she heard someone calling for help. She left the path and went to see who it was that needed help. The soft voice called for help again, she looked at where the voice was coming from and there she saw it. At first thought she was skeptical about seeing a cat that was bright red and white. she looked around and slowly walked toward the cat as she got up to it the cat winked and vanished. And all of a sudden she was surrounded by laughing voices, she tried to run but was frozen in place, not by fear but by the grasp of an unknown force. "well what do we have here, a leopard on a stroll?" "let me go! exclaimed Jade trying to break free. "Don't resist you will only make it worse my dear". "who are you, and why are you doing this to me", Jade ask being calm and remembering her training. "To everyone I am known as the Shaman king, my name will not be spoken by anyone who is not worthy of the cause, I am on a mission to take control of a certain domain in a certain forest and nothing can stop me", you don't happen to know of Kilicka forest do you, and please for your sake speak the truth because i have ways of unveiling truths and....lets just say it hurts". "Please don't", replied jade. "what do you want". "Aww I love it when people say please, such manners goes a long way my dear, you know what maybe ill make you one of my royal servants". "Never in a million years you horse poop", yelled Jade. "I love the spirit this one has, please take good care of her will you guards". And with this he did a gesture with his hand and a minotaur and shaman took her, bound her and place her in the caravan.

The Dawn.

As swift-beak was heading northward he began to wonder what was taking el-cheetah so long to return. The king always talked about how great of a messenger el cheetah was and that sometimes make him feel a little bit on the jelly side. But all in all he liked el cheetah and sometimes admired him. I guess I can't help but to try and compete against him he thought to himself. Swift-beak sighed, why am I like this, el cheetah is a cheetah and 'm a bird and we are different in every way possible, besides I can fly he told himself smiling...ahh the life of a bird I wouldn't change it for anything. His thoughts was interrupted as he caught a glance of what looked like some beast walking stealthily in the midst of some trees. Swift-beak flew a bit lower to see if he could get a closer view of whom it was moving around in that part of the forest. But as he got closer whatever it was just vanished, like disappeared. Am I seeing things thought swift-beak. Swift beak took back up to the skies and got back on course. He wasn't too far from where he had flown a a little lower earlier to scope the area when he saw the caravan. And there were shamans and minotaur's walking along side with it in an orderly fashion. Swift-beak heart started pounding, this is the group of shamans he had seen on his way from consulting with the high elf. weird he thought, how did I miss them before, he suddenly remembered telling the king that they were not in the forest and that they had mysteriously left. The king must be warn he told himself, but I need to take a closer look so i can have more information to give to your highness. As he swept lower and in between some trees to get a closer look, he could see their movement in unison with each other. They were walking and chanting some song in a low voice. He decided to get a little closer to hear the song they were singing when he was zapped and found himself in the caravan with jade. He woked up and found himself tied up next to jade and started to panick. "omg jade, what is going on here", he stammered. "why are you here, why am I here, what happened, is this some sort of trick, let me out swift- beak yelled". The caravan came to a halt, swift-beak quickly jumped to the end of the caravan next to jade. slowly the door opened and there and behold before his eyes was the shaman king. He never had seen him before and he shuddered in fear as he looked into his eyes. He had dark eyes with what seems like whirlwind in his pupils. On top of his head was a crown that changed color from red to yellow to blue, was this the crown of the elements he heard leo speaking about in one of his tales. His attire was leather mail which seemed to be glistering despite the darkness in the forest. " This is no trick and you will be out soon enough swift-beak". Swift-beak felt uncomfortable and tried to ask him how he knew his name but it came out in a screech. The shaman king interrupted, "don't worry about how I knew your name beak, save your energy for later, you will need it. The shaman king made a gesture with his hand and two canisters of water was brought to him. "Fresh water if any of you are thirsty, we will talk soon". And with that he closed the door and went back into the front of the caravan and it started moving again. "what is going on", he asked jade, "How did you end up here". So jade told him the story of how she saw a red and white cat calling for help as she was on her way to find cheetah. And that she was intrigued by the color of its fur and went closer to help, but it was a trap and she was lured and surrounded by invisible creatures. "Invisible", asked swift-beak. "wow, so im not seeing things after all", he said. He then told jade how he was sent to find el cheetah whereabouts and how he saw something as he was flying and flew lower to get a closer look, but it vanished when he got closer and he thought he was seeing things. "I've never seen anything like it", jade whispered, all of this is beginning to sound like one of Leo's story", jade said slowly. "Who exactly is this shaman king anyway, and I wonder what happened to El cheetah".

The High Elf

As cheetah looked around he was intrigued by his surroundings, it was beautiful. There were all sorts of colorful butterflies flying around and there was a lake that gleamed in the moonlight with steam coming from it not far from where he stood taking in the view. There were sounds of birds chirping and other enchanting sounds all around him. He began to wonder where he was when a tree came up to him and stared at him. He quickly jumped back in fear heart pounding, how did this tree came so close to him and better yet how is it alive. El cheetah stared at the tree as his eyes darted left and right to view his best exit route. The tree then started to speak with him, "do not be afraid, my name is Nariphona name after my great grandmother Nariphon", it spoke to him in a gentle voice. "Nice to meet you tree, I mean Misses Nariphona," stammered El cheetah. "How is that you can speak and move..." el cheetah began to ask, never mind where are we", asked el cheetah trying to shake off his fear. "You are in the moonvale garden", Nariphona looked at him closely. "And just how did you happen to be here, this is a sacred garden, one just do not waltz in here, Im going to have to take you to the high elf you can explain to him". "woah woah woah tree lady, I mean misses Nariphona, I cant just go with you im on an urgent mission to deliver a message to the lion king". "Oh the lion king, so he is real" nariphona said slowly, "i've heard stories of him but never left this garden, I so I've never actually seen him". With this she scooped up el cheetah before he could move and place him on one of the barks on her shoulders. "were off to the high elf, there is no way out of here unless you speak to him first, not sure how u got here but he is the only one that gives access to ones exit". El cheetah felt uncomfortable being on a moving tree, this whole adventure seemed so unreal, but it was really happening. Here he was in the middle of somewhere in a place called moonvale with a living tree. As Nariphona was walking he was asking her all sorts of questions as he looked around and marveled at the scenery he was seeing. There were fairies, and other mythical creatures he heard leo speaking about but never seen. There were other trees and
lots of elves too as they made their way through the garden. Nariphona stopped in front of a gleaming green orb and lowered el cheetah to the ground. "This is it she said, touch the orb and it will lead you to the high elf, hurry up now he is already wondering about you". El cheetah wasn't sure what to do, he then suddenly built the courage and touched the orb. He was then suddenly out of the garden and in a beautiful community with pave walks and beautiful homes made from trees. Before him stood the biggest tree house and he figured this was where the high elf reside. Around him were elves who stared at him as they continue about their daily tasks. "You're a rare sight here", said a voice behind him. El cheetah jumped back taken by surprise. "If you're looking for the high elf he is through that door and up to the very top of this residence, im guessing that's where u are headed am I right". "Yes thank you, said el cheetah trying to remain calm". He then turned around and made his way toward the tree house. He was surprises when he got in to see that the inside was like a fairy tale. Their were merchants selling goods which he knew nothing about, there were elves speaking in elven language mostly, their were fairies flying around, sprites that was cleaning, their was some stairs leading up which he got on right away and started to walk up. His heart was still beating a hundred miles per hour, this was all new to him he didn't even know this existed. He just wanted to be out of here and back to where he came from and deliver this message to the lion king. He got to the top of the stairs and there was another green orb which was the only thing in the middle of the platform. "here we go", he said as he touched the orb. He suddenly was in a beautiful room with music playing which was coming from one of the elves that was playing a harp. The elf stopped playing when he saw him and the high elf who was standing by the window looked back. "So you are the one that made it through the cave of the living bones". El cheetah was astonished as to how he knew that. "Yes sir" replied el cheetah bowing, "I'm honestly not sure how i ended up there nor here, none of this makes sense to me, I was suppose to be delivering a dire message to the lion king". "I see", replied Elagor. "And you was sent by king Cobra right". El cheetah marveled, "how do you know all of this already". "I have the gift of foresight, i saw you headed there in a vision and you fell in a cave and everything went blank from there. So i sent one of the wisps from the garden to guide you out, not everyday someone ends up in the cave of the living bones, so i figured there must be a greater significance.... Elagor paused, "what message were you delivering to the lion king? "I am a servant of our beloved king cobra sir, i was sent to deliver a message to king Tomi about the shaman king that was making his way to kilicka forest to subdue it". Elagor was startled by the news, how could this be, he thought. He never saw this event taken place or he would have warned swiftbeak to notify king cobra months before. There seems to be really dark magic involved somehow, this explains how el cheetah ended up in the caves of the living bones. "This is not good, I am a friend of king Cobra and i will help you get out of here and put you on the track to warn the lion king". Be swift, i will prepare a way to help king cobra if need be and tell Tomi Elagor send his greetings". With this Elagor made a whistle sound and a big bird like creature landed on the balcony of the tree house. "This is my favorite pet ilyna she is swift and strong, do not be afraid, come and touch her feathers so she knows your scent as i am entrusting her to carry you". El cheetah touched the magnificent bird before him that was covered in golden armor. The bird smiled at him, he then hopped on feeling uneasy but excited at the seem time. Ilyna took to the skies and headed up through a series of trees and finally out into the open toward the top of the northern mountain where king Tomi reside.

King Cobra was pacing back and forth wondering about swift-beak and his other loyal subjects that he had sent out. "something is not right", he thought to himself. He then put his ear to the ground

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