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Megan and Jennifer aren't happy about their gypsy friends antics.
Megan ran up to Manolito with her hand in motion ready to slap him. Manolito gently grabbed her hand and kissed it but she kicked Calin.

Megan glared at Manolito. "How dare you shoot off that gun! You could have killed me when that horse ran away and poor Miles. You made him out to be a coward. You and Calin are both pigs!" Looking at Calin, she yelled: "What in the Hell did you do to my close friend Jen? If you have hurt her or Bradley, I will kill you! I swear it!"

Calin bowed and smiled. "I assure you, Dear sweet lady, your Jen and her rich tobacco man aren't harmed. I won't harm then but I feel the lovely Miss Jennifer belongs with me. After all, you two ladies like adventure and you aren't from this time period, so I believe you like the company of gypsies better. Aren't I right? You want to sail the seven seas and have a spirit of adventure. Don't deny it."

"Only pirates and sailors sail the seven seas! You gypsies are behaving like scoundrels, creeps, low life, and rebels and demons. When Jen finds you what you have done, she will pound you!" Megan's eyes spit fire.

"Megan, we wouldn't do anything to hurt you. You are in no danger and have no need to fear us. I promise I won't try to hurt you or your Miles friend again. Calin won't hurt Miss Jennifer and her male friend. We promise. Please, stay for the party. I have just met you but we could fall in love and I could give you adventures and take you home to your time era. Enjoy our party. Calin will be here and he won't hurt Miss Jennifer, I promise." Manolito held our his hand and Megan took it but still glared at Calin.

Megan and Manolito sat on the steps of a caravan wagon and the other gypsies played the violins and danced. Manolito took Megan's hand and she danced with him. She wished she had a cell phone to call Jen. She had to believe that she was alright.

Vicki and Bill came to the party and bought some cookies and pies that Vicki had baked. Vicki smiled when she saw Megan and Manolito dancing.

Bon fires were burning and Megan hoped there wouldn't be a fire that would get out of control.

After a couple of dances, Megan and Manolito sat by one of the bon fires. "Megan, you have a husband in the present and Miles here in this era. Where do I fit in?" Manolito asked.

"I love my husband and Miles is a dear friend. You are a friend as well. I am attracted to you and Miles but after your behavior today, I barely like you."

"Oh, my beautiful Princess, I am sorry. I am jealous of your friend Miles. I want your devotion, your soul and all of you. I would like to make love with you."

Megan blushed. "That can't happen. I am committed to my husband whom I love dearly. "

" I am here and I am much more handsome then your friend Miles. As for your husband, he may forget all about you. I am here for you, my Princess." Manolito pulled Megan into an embrace and kissed her." Megan enjoyed his kiss but she pulled away. "Manolito, I want to be alone. I will be back."

Megan walked slowly to the woods to think. It was dark and there was a big full moon. She should be scared but with all the scary movies she had seen over the years and being in the past and her religious beliefs, she felt she had nothing to fear but fear itself. Megan wandered away from the camp and she barely heard the sound of violins and tambourines. Just then Megan froze in her tracks. She came across a beautiful grey wolf.

"You are beautiful!" she exclaimed. The wolf slowly approached Megan and sniffed her hand. Just then two young people, a man and a woman came along. The young man was good looking and he had dark hair and his complexion was pure white, He smiled at Megan and Megan could have sworn he had fangs. DID SHE ENCOUNTER VAMPIRES? Great! She was living out her fantasies. She hoped she would live to tell her tales someday.

Jennifer had slept for awhile and she felt secure in Bradley's bed. She used the chamber pot and thought how disgusting. She should tell Bradley about indoor plumbing but he would thunk she was crazy. Sweet Bradley. She should marry him and stay in the past. She had that troublesome gypsy to deal with. Jennifer took the chamber pot and walked downstairs and opened the door. She had to find a place to empty the contents of the chamber pot. She walked towards the woods. There was a nice big, bright moon. In a way, a full moon was comforting. She hoped she didn't encounter Calin. If she did, she would beat the crap out of him. Jennifer got to the woods and was going to empty the chamber pot and she saw a grey wolf. Jennifer froze and she saw two characters dressed in black with black hair to match. Oh nice! Was she seeing things? The one person was a man and he smiled and the female smiled. too. They had fangs! Jennifer screamed as she threw the chamber pot at the characters and ran back to Bradley's mansion. She didn't turn around. She just kept running. Bradley was up and out of the mansion when he heard Jennifer scream. He ran to Jennifer and threw his arms around her. VAMPIRES! Jennifer exclaimed.

Bradley took Jennifer back into the house and sat her on the couch. "Darling, what were you doing out there in the woods?"

Jennifer was embarrassed. "I had to use the chamber pot and I went outside to empty it. I saw a full moon, a wolf and these two characters who had fangs like vampires. You probably think I am crazy."

"Of course not. I love you. For now on, at night, if you need to go outside, wake me and I will go with you. I won't let anything happen to you. About these vampires. Darling, I have heard of vampires but they aren't real. You think that is what you saw? Do you think that they burned some of the tobacco plants, stoled my horse and threw a rock through the window?"

"No, it wasn't vampires. It was a gypsy. I owe you the truth. Some gypsies came to Vicki and Bill's. Megan, Vicki, Bill, Gretchen, Angel and I went over to the gypsies to be friendly and this gypsy man Calin kissed me and he thinks I am his Princess and Manoilto thinks Megan is his Princess. Calin burned your plants, stoled your horse and threw a rock through the window. I saw him. I didn't know how to tell you, So when you distracted me and we went upstairs and we, well I wanted us to get our minds off things. Now, you hate me. I swear I love you. Calin, well he has a thing for me. Since I am seeing vampires, I suppose you want me to leave. You think I am crazy and some kind of whore."

"I want you to stay wirh me forever. You never have to be afraid to tell me anything. I will challenge that gypsy Calin to a duel. I will fight vampires to keep you. I love you. You aren't a whore. You are my passionate lover." Bradley kissed Jennifer and took her back to his room.

"You can't fight a duel. Please. I will talk to Calin. I will get him and Manolito to listen to reason. I love you and I can't let any harm come to you."

"Don't worry.You talk to this Calin and I will beat him up and if we need to fight a duel but right now, this is our time." Bradley and Jennifer enjoyed their time together.

Megan headed back to the gypsy camp. The young people didn't touch her but she was shaken up. She asked Manolito about the strange young people and wolf that hung aroung together. His answer surprised her.

"They won't hurt you. They are with us. These so called vampires and their wolf follow us everywhere. Rumor has it, they were cursed by my mother. They have never harmed anyone. The young woman had an affair with my father and the young man is her lover. My mother cursed them as vampires. As for the wolf. He is my father."

"What? You are crazy! " Megan thought this trip back to the past kept getting better and better.

"It is true, I swear it. They won't hurt anyone."

"Manoilto, I have had enough excitement for one night. I am going back to Vicki's house. I will see you tomorrow." Manolito grabbed Megan and kissed her cheek. Megan couldn't wait to talk to Jennifer tomorrow morning. Jealous gypsies causing mischief, vampires, a gypsy wolf who was Manolito's father. She was going to drink some of Bill's whiskey. She needed a drink. Maybe she should go home to the present where life was normal.

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Another beautiful Poser of Jane Austen and I by best friend Angel.
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