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This is a fictional story about a man about to take part in the invasion of Normandy.
On the eve of battle he was calm he knew the plan perfectly. There’s nothing that could go wrong. He was sick of being on a boat; he was ready for war. The night before he lay in his cot in deep thought while others gambled and smoked. He hated smoking - it reminded him of the smoldering of an artillery shell after it destroyed a foxhole with your best friend in it. He never smoked for his health, what could go wrong?

He had the spirit of the world on his side, more industrial might and men, what could go wrong? The morale of the men on the boat was unbreakable no one could stop us. We will win, what could go wrong?

Today is June 5, 1944, everyone on this boat wanted nothing more than to give Hitler a knife across the throat, he couldn't stop us, what could go wrong? He stayed awake all night; his body was tired but filled with adrenalin, patiently waiting. What could go wrong? Our commanders are brilliant, our plan is perfect, and Rommel is gone, what could go wrong?

Next morning he loaded into a Higgins boat, leaned against the portside wall, silent, ready, what could go wrong? His unit was among the first wave at Omaha Beach. His craft made it to shore and the bow ramp opened.

Something went wrong.
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